The German brand Continenta is famous for its wooden kitchen accessories made of high-quality acacia, rubber, beech, wenge and olive wood, as well as various types of exotic wood, and the products offered - breadbaskets, boards, knife blocks or trays are manufactured directly in the countries where the trees are grown. Naturally!
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Bread bin 40 x 26 cm, wood, Continenta
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Coaster 10 cm, set of 6 pcs, cork, Continenta CONT1501
Coffee storage jar 1,2 l, Continenta
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Cooking tweezers 40 cm, olive wood, Continenta CONT4941
Cutlery tray 35 x 30 x 7 cm, wood, Continenta CONT30741
Cutting board 36 x 23 cm, brown, wood, Continenta CONT4811
Garlic storage jar 14 x 12 x 15 cm, Continenta CONT3921
Kitchen storage jar 20 x 10 cm, Continenta CONT3927
Kitchen turner 32 cm, for wok, wood, Continenta CONT4932
Knife block with utensil holder, wood, Continenta CONT3315
Knife block, Continenta
Knife block, Continenta
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Knife block, flexible inserty, wood, Continenta CONT3314
Mixing spoon 30 cm, pointed, wood, Continenta CONT4922
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Continenta - design, functionality and workmanship

Continenta is a German company based in Freiburg. Since 1977, it has been developing high-quality kitchen and home accessories in collaboration with renowned designers and is currently one of the market leaders in high-quality wooden kitchen tools, offering exclusively manufactured kitchen utensils such as cutting boards, bread bins and storage containers.

Continenta – design, ideas and products’ quality

At the heart of Continenta design is a love for workmanship and formal, functional design. Continenta’s products are created by hand and undergo strict control of quality. They are characterised by careful workmanship and useful details. Chopping boards are equipped with stainless steel drawers, bread boxes with shelves or integrated bread cutting boards and chopping boards have non-slip feet for a secure stand.

Continenta – it’s all about the materials

The broad Continenta range covers a wide spectrum of wood tones and grains and its products are made of such hardwoods as acacia, rubberwood, beech heartwood, oak, walnut and olive. All products are produced according to Continenta's specifications in the countries where the woods grow and these are primarily South-East Asia and Eastern Europe.

Continenta uses only woods from sustainable cultivation that are processed into long-lasting products and refined with a high-quality, self-prepared hard oil. The oil protects the surface of products, penetrates deep into the fibres and gives the wood back its natural colouring and supports wood's antibacterial properties.

Because wood works great when combined with ceramics and it adds a natural look to every kitchen, Continenta uses this material as well and its ceramic products are made in Europe just like the mouth-blown glass of various products from the catalogue.

Continenta’s wooden ‘much more than standard’ cutting boards

Continenta’s cutting boards are characterised by the best cutting properties, high material thicknesses, hardness, durability functionality and professional quality. They are 100% natural and are made from an atmospheric mosaic of individually glued wooden cubes that make each piece unique. The boards are knife-friendly, refined with food-safe hard oil that protects the wood and supports its antibacterial properties and will last for ages, being a functional decoration of your kitchen.