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Desk lamp ACORN 21 cm, LED, grey, plastic, Eva Solo
Remote control NOCA, Blomus
5,05 €
Table lamp ACORN 21 cm, LED, amber, plastic, Eva Solo
Desk lamp CUPID 63 cm, white, resin, Seletti SLT14841
Desk lamp SPARROW LANDING 100 cm, white, Seletti SLT15310
Desk lamp STAGE S, LED, taupe, Blomus
229 €
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Table lamps – let the magic happen!

Table lamps are very important in lighting every room and house. They are the source of mood light, making the space look warm and friendly. They are also a great decoration for every bedroom or living room and can be a source of task light (desk lamps).

What are the main benefits of table lamps?

If you wonder if it’s worth having a table lamp in your room, look at the advantages of table lamps as listed below.

  • they make every room look warm and cosy and a place you want to rest in
  • they can quickly change the character of the interior
  • they are the source of mood light and play an important role in layered lighting
  • they are very decorative
  • they can help in creating the desired interior style

Where can you put table lamps?

Bedside tables are not the only place in which you can put table lamps. If you want to make your living room look stylish and cosy put a table lamp on your coffee table or side table. Make your entryway an elegant space by putting two table lamps symmetrically on a chest of drawers or a console. You can even put one small table lamp on your kitchen top to make your kitchen a great place for a late-night cup of tea.