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Art print FRIBO, set of 4 pcs, green, Bloomingville BV82049404
Baby carousel GUNNI, brown, Bloomingville BV82051495
Baby carousel ROSANA, brown, Bloomingville BV82053061
Baby carusel DOTT, green, Bloomingville
67,99 €
Baby carusel MALVIN, green, Bloomingville BV82053028
Basket SIV 27 cm, brown, seagrass, Bloomingville BV82055561
Bed canopy HUGH, white, cotton, Bloomingville BV82045903
Bookend SANTOS, set of 2 pcs, red, wood, Bloomingville BV82054319
Bowl SANDRINE 700 ml, grey, stoneware, Bloomingville BV82059338
Candlestick DARA 35 cm, brown, glass, Bloomingville BV82053285
Candlestick LITUS 10 cm, brown, glass, Bloomingville BV82055081
Cushion EBNA 60 cm, nature, Bloomingville BV82051023
Decoration INDO 22 cm, white, cement, Bloomingville BV82047445
Farm animals set CARLO, 6 pcs, wood, Bloomingville BV82049962
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Bloomingville Mini - design for your kids and your family

Bloomingville brand was established in 2000 out of love and fascination for Nordic style and living. The company became part of Regent Holding in 2014 and is now a multi-brand house with Bloomingville Mini as one of the brands reflecting a Scandinavian take on home interior design and focusing on the kid's room. At first Bloomingville MINI was only a collection added to Bloomingville's catalogue in 2015, but it grew big, and today it is a separate brand.

Introducing Nordic style to your kids life with Bloomingville Mini

Bloomingville MINI presents a catalogue of products for the little ones and families, designed in simple, warm, Scandinavian style that will fit into any home. The brand's product range includes a variety of furniture pieces, textile, storage, decor and kids tableware. The range is designed to be both functional and stylish, with a focus on natural materials, soft colours, and playful designs. Some of the most popular products in the range include wooden toys, play tents, and bedding sets.

Bloomingville Mini mission and vision

When designing and producing accessories for kid's room the company assumes that the children’s room should stimulate both play and creativity, but at the same time be a safe, cosy place to calm down and relax. According to the company's mission, kid's room should be not only kid-friendly but also stylish and match the style of the whole home, the place where both children and parents want to spend time, talk, play and relax.

Decorate your child's room in style

Bloomingville Mini brand is rooted in Scandinavian aesthetics but the products it offers will make every room cosy and welcoming. Bright warm colours and user-friendly materials will help you create a cosy corner for children. You can also add more warmth to the room with the rugs in various textures, shapes, and sizes. Soft textiles, happy colour, mix-and-match textures, friendly patterns, playful illustrations and colours make children eager to spend time in their room.