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Basket SIV 27 cm, brown, seagrass, Bloomingville
Bag clips, set of 8 pcs, de Buyer
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Bathroom bin PARA 5 l, cream, Blomus
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Bathroom bin PARA 5 l, dark grey, Blomus
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Bathroom bin PARA 5 l, grey, Blomus
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Bathroom bin PARA 5 l, light grey, Blomus BM69212
Bathroom bin SONO 5 l, white, Blomus
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Bathroom bin TUBO 3 l, creamy, Blomus
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Bathroom bin TUBO 3 l, taupe, Blomus
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Bathroom bin TUBO 3 l, white, Blomus
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Bathroom bin TUBO, 3 l, black, Blomus
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Bathroom bin TUBO, 3 l, dark brown, Blomus BM69159
Bathroom bin TUBO, 3 l, grey, Blomus
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Bin bags A PERFECTFIT 3 l, 40 pcs, Brabantia BRAB137600
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Cleaning and organization

The organization of your kitchen is crucial for the time you spend cooking and cleaning. How come? If your kitchen space is ordered and well organized and all ingredients and tools have their place in your kitchen drawers and kitchen cabinets, you cook faster as you don’t waste your time looking for ingredients, spices and accessories. Moreover, you know exactly where to put all the things back, so cleaning the mess after your cooking will be a child’s play!

How to organize your kitchen?

Follow these simple tips to organize your kitchen:

  • store food like a pro! Use food containers for all kinds of ingredients in your pantry, on your kitchen shelves, in your kitchen cabinets or on kitchen tops. This applies not only to lose food but also to spices and foods such as rice, sugar or coffee – everything sold in paper bags or packages that can easily scatter about after you open them up,
  • make sure you can see at a first glance what’s in your drawers,
  • buy a set of food containers for your refrigerator,
  • make sure you have got all the essentials at hand. Don’t keep the tools and ingredients that you use very often on high kitchen shelves or at the back of your kitchen drawers,
  • use drawer organizers,
  • throw away all broken, useless, unwanted items. Clear space without any unnecessary clutter will serve you much better!

Cleaning your kitchen – a piece of cake

Cleaning your kitchen, just like its organization, can be easy and quick, providing you have the right tools. If you use food containers and different types of organizers, you will clean your kitchen drawers in a matter of seconds. Good organization of your sink area will make washing the dishes a piece of cake and with the wide range of stylish waste bins that Kulina has in the offer, even throwing away rubbish will be a real pleasure.