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Pot set FLOW, 5 pcs, Zwilling
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Pot set FUNCTION 4, 4 pcs, WMF
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Pot set FUNCTION 4, 5 pcs, WMF
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Pot set GOURMET PLUS, 5 pcs, WMF
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Pot set MODERN, 4 pcs, Zwilling
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Pot lid 28097512 24 cm, glass, Tefal
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Pots - let’s have a look under the lid!

Pots just like pans and knives are essential kitchen equipment. If you are wondering which pots you really need, which set of pots is the best for you, what kind of material or which cookware manufacturer to choose, have a look at what we have for you or check our complete guide on pots here.

Which set of pots will be the best for you?

Buying the right set of pots for your kitchen depends on many factors such as what kind of food you usually cook, how often you cook, what kind of cooker you use and how many people you usually cook for. A set of pots usually consists of 4 to 7 pots and includes:

What are the best cookware brands?

In Kulina you will find lots of high-quality cookware brands and premium pots and pans manufacturers. It’s very important to choose a reliable producer of your cookware as food-safe, top-quality materials will influence both the durability of the pots and the results of your culinary experiments. Among brands available in Kulina, you will find such well-known manufacturers as Woll, Mauviel, Staub, Fissler, Zwilling, WMF and Alessi. You can choose single pots or a set of pots in different sizes.

What should you consider when choosing a set of pots for you?

When choosing a set of pots or a single pot for your kitchen consider the following:

  • material: cast-iron pots are best when it comes to heat retention, they can be used for generations, and are perfect for deep-frying and searing steaks but they are very heavy. Stainless steel pots are also very durable, steel does not react with acidic or alkaline foods and it doesn’t scratch easily. You can also choose aluminium or copper pots and for more differences between these materials and the benefits of choosing each of them, please see our ultimate pots guide here
  • handles: when choosing your cookware, always have a closer look at the handles. Are they isolated well so that they don’t get hot, are they oven-safe?
  • lids are they made from glass and thus transparent, do they have a hole for steam to come out?
  • type of cooktop that you have; remember that not all pots are suitable for induction or gas cookers so always make sure you check the information provided by the manufacturer
  • style of course when it comes to cooking pots the most important aspects are their quality, heat retention and durability but remember that pots don’t always stay in your kitchen cabinet or a drawer. If you cook regularly they are often on display so make sure their style and colour match the style of your kitchen