cake stands

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Cake stand BOSSA NOVA 32 cm, Nachtmann
79,90 €
Cake stand BOSSA NOVA 32 cm, with lid, Nachtmann NM99528
Cake stand HAMMERSHOI 30 cm, white, Kähler KHL692274
Cake stand HYBRID LEANDRA 20 cm, Seletti SLT09765
Cake stand HYBRID MORIANA 32,5 cm, Seletti SLT09767
Cake stand HYBRID RAISSA 26 cm, Seletti SLT09766
Cake stand LEGIO NOVA, Eva Solo
99,95 €
Domed cover 36 cm, REVOL
Domed cover 36 cm, REVOL
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Domed cover BOSSA NOVA 30 cm, Nachtmann NM99529
Etagere and vase FONTAINE 25 cm, silver, Philippi PHP129012
Etagere BABELL BIG 53 cm, coral, Koziol
54,95 €
Etagere BABELL BIG 53 cm, natural ash grey, Koziol KOZ7185701
Etagere BABELL BIG 53 cm, natural leafy green, Koziol KOZ7185703
Etagere BABELL L 34 cm, coral, Koziol
32,95 €
Etagere BABELL L 34 cm, natural ash grey, Koziol KOZ7180701
Etagere BABELL L 34 cm, natural desert sand, Koziol KOZ7180700
Etagere BABELL L 34 cm, natural leafy green, Koziol KOZ7180703
Etagere BABELL L 34 cm, natural wood colour, Koziol KOZ7180702
Etagere LEGIO NOVA 29 cm, Eva Solo
99,95 €
Etagere NEGRETTO 42 cm, black, Philippi
167,50 €
Sushi plate LAZY SUSI 35 cm, rotating, black, Philippi PHP123087

Cake stands – perfect dishes to display and serve your cakes

A cake stand is a multipurpose serving dish that can be used to present and serve a range of cakes and other sweet treats. For instance, cakes, pies, cookies, and brownies are among the delicacies that can be served on a cake stand.

In Kulina we have a wide assortment of cake stands, cake plates and etageres from recognised manufacturers including Seletti, Koziol, Philippi, in different sizes, patterns and materials. Some of them are made of porcelain, others are made of plastic, some are elegant, other are a bit crazy. We are sure you will find a perfect one to honour your cheesecake!

What is better – a cake plate/ cake stand or an etagere?

Etageres and cake plates are two examples of the serving dishes used for presenting and serving sweets and other goodies.

Cake plates are simple, flat platters or plates that are used to serve and showcase cakes, pies, and other desserts. It could feature a footed base for increased height and elegance or a slightly raised edge to avoid spillage.

A multi-tiered stand called an etagere, on the other hand, can be used to exhibit a variety of treats. Each layer of etagere stands can carry a different dessert, fruit or treat, and they can have two or more tiers. They are often used to present little things like cookies, cupcakes, strawberries, macaroni or finger food.

A cake dish and an etagere are both excellent choices that can enhance your table arrangement. The preferable choice depends on your particular preferences and the kinds of desserts you intend to serve.

What are the types of cake stands?

Kulina website offers a variety of cake stand models, each with its own distinctive features and appearance. The following are a few of the most typical styles of cake stands:

  • Pedestal cake stands: These are probably the most popular type of cake stand, with a pedestal base that adds height and stylishness to your cake display.
  • Etageres / Tiered cake stands: Cake stands with tiers - etageres - let you exhibit several cakes or other delicacies at once since they have several layers. You can also use them for serving finger food and snacks (sweet and sour) during parties, etc.
  • Plate cake stands: These are simple, flat plates or platters that are used to present and serve cakes, pies, and other desserts. They can have a slightly elevated edge to help avoid spills.

You can also shop from our collection of cake servers, cake plates and baking pans for a perfect baking and serving experience.