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Binchotan filter EAU GOOD, charcoal, Black+Blum
Dog bowl LINEAR 13 cm, grey, stoneware, Mason Cash
Lunch bag 6,7 l, slate, plastic, Black+Blum
Lunch box 400 ml, olive, stainless steel, Black+Blum
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Lifestyle - and what's your passion?

Your lifestyle says a lot about you, just like your home. What do you do in your free time? What are your passions and hobbies? Are you a gym freak or a dog lover? Do you prefer spending your free time outside or rather inside reading a book, listening to music or watching TV series? Do you work at the office or at home?

No matter how you live your life and what you love doing, it’s always nice to have some beautifully designed, top-quality, functional accessories that will show your love and passion for it. In Kulina we offer different lifestyle products, manufactured by reliable brands and characterized by great looks and practical design, to go in line with your lifestyle. Curious what they are? Please see the short overview below.

Travel accessories for passionate globetrotters

If you love travelling you will for sure be happy to browse through our travelling accessories that you will be willing to take anywhere you go, even on a trip around the world. Choose from our wide offer of designer suitcases – including backpacks and kids luggage as well as cosmetic and make-up bags. Pick your favourite pillow for longer flights or a suitcase organizer that will manage the organization of your suitcase like a pro!

Fashionable gadgets for dog- or cat lovers

Do you prefer to stay at home with your dog or three cats? That’s fully understandable and if your pets are like family members to you, there is no doubt you will want to make sure they have everything that’s the best for them. Secondly, having a pet at home influences the look of your interior, therefore picking the right pet bed or pet bowl, the one that looks good and matches the style of your home is also important. And you know what? With our pet food containers, you will want to keep your cat’s or dog’s food in the first row on your kitchen shelf!

Sporty or not, we have an accessory for you!

Whether you are a gym freak or a passionate runner you will for sure need a leak-proof water bottle or a lunchbox to keep a healthy diet even when at work or on a trip. If sport isn’t your passion and you prefer books, games or puzzles, check our selection of free time accessories and have fun at home in style.

You will also find here lots of gift ideas for your friends or family so make sure they match their lifestyle and choose a present that will make them happy (or see our gift guides for an even wider selection of great presents for every occasion). You can also go for a picnic and spend some time outdoors – it’s easy with all the picnic accessories that we have!

Kids or work is your lifestyle? Design is for you as well!

Kids or work take up most of your time? It doesn’t mean you have to work or raise them with no design in sight. Arrange your home office or your kids' room with high-quality accessories. Among our home office products you will find different kinds of office supplies, desk organizers or phone accessories and if you want to keep your office nice, clean and comfy, think about cable organizers that will hide all the mess your laptop and other screens are making.

Kids can also be a lifestyle and if that’s the case with you, make sure you spend time together in a lovely designed and organized room. Choose among our carefully chosen kid’s accessories: long-lasting wooden toys, nice toy containers or other types of organizers. Think about nice lamps, textiles and a soft carpet, where you will be all able to sit together and enjoy your quality time… with design!