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Adhesive set 2FIX, Blomus
Adhesive set 2FIX, Blomus
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11,49 €
Pocket dump tray MODO 20 cm, oak, Blomus BM69208
Shower caddy RENEW soft beige, Brabantia
30,09 €
Shower caddy SURF M, desert sand, Koziol KOZ1407121
Shower caddy SURF M, nature grey, Koziol KOZ1407120
Shower caddy SURF M, transparent grey, Koziol KOZ2845540
Shower caddy SURF M, white, Koziol
11,95 €
Shower caddy SURF XL, desert sand, Koziol KOZ1441121
Shower caddy SURF XL, natural grey, Koziol KOZ1441120
Shower caddy SURF XL, white, Koziol
18,95 €
Shower caddy SURF XS, desert sand, Koziol KOZ1440121
Shower caddy SURF XS, white, Koziol KOZ1440125
Shower shelf MINDSET 42 cm, white, Brabantia BRAB303548
Shower shelf NEXIO 25 cm, white, Blomus BM66332
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Organisation of you bath & shower area

When organizing your bathroom don’t forget about the organization of your shower and bath area. It’s very important as we often tend to focus on the washbasin zone as the central part of our bathroom and forget about the shower or bath. What we end up with is the shower rack full of different cosmetics that stand also on the floor because there are too many of them or because they are too big to fit in our shower caddies.

Bathroom and shower accessories

In Kulina you will find different products to organize your showers space such as functional shelves and caddies  that will help you order all cosmetics needed for a proper bath. Make sure their style and number match the size of your family, the number of different cosmetics that you usually use and the style of your interior. Many of the shower organisers that we offer do not require drilling - they are equipped with self-adhesive mounting tools or can be mounted on the shower rod so you can enjoy the way they organise your space, ten minutes after your order from Kulina arrives!

Among bath & shower accessories you will also find functional products for keeping your bath zone clean, beautiful and safe. High-quality anti-slip mats and creative shower curtains as well as durable shower squeegees will make your bathroom feel like a luxurious SPA and your 10-minute-long shower like a life-saving break – with everything that you need at hand!