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Electric food chopper KULT X, WMF
69,90 €
Grinder attachment for hand blender 100 ml, Bamix BX3001011
Hand blender 5KHBV83EAC, almond, KitchenAid KA5KHBV83EAC
Hand blender 5KHBV83EBM, black matt, KitchenAid KA5KHBV83EBM
Hand blender 5KHBV83EER, royal red, KitchenAid KA5KHBV83EER
Hand blender BBQ 200 W, black, Bamix
240,40 €
Hand blender C BAKING 200 W, cream, Bamix BX1051003
Hand blender C MAXX, 350 W, red, Bamix
241,56 €
Hand blender CORDLESS PRO, wireless, black, Bamix BX1132001
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Mixers, blenders and grinders – your best kitchen helpers

Mixers, blenders and grinders make food preparation much easier and faster, they save you a lot of effort and time and let you challenge even the most complicated recipes. They are especially helpful when you prepare huge amounts of food for family dinners or holidays or simply have a big family and a lot of people to feed on a daily basis. But they are also very useful if you avoid readymade food and care for a healthy diet.

Thanks to mixers, blenders and grinders you will prepare all sorts of food and dishes such as creamy soups, baby food, smoothies, cocktails, hummus, vegetable chutneys, pesto as well as all kinds of cake dough or minced meat for your spaghetti Bolognese or meatballs in seconds. And with additional accessories, you can also whip cream or egg whites, chop nuts and herbs and complete many other culinary tasks so if you are wondering if you need a mixer or blender the answer is, yes you do!

What kind of mixer or blender should I buy?

  • Hand blender – compact and very practical, for numerous culinary tasks, one of the kitchen essentials, will fit in any kitchen drawer
  • Stand blender – great for smoothies, creamy soups, and cocktails, doesn’t take up much space on the kitchen top
  • Smoothie maker – handy appliance if you love smoothies and like to prepare them on the go
  • Hand mixers – for all who love cakes and desserts with whipped cream
  • Food choppers and shredders – great if you need to chop, slice or grate bigger amounts of veggies
  • Electric graters – useful for the preparation of grated vegetable salads, and other dishes that require ingredients to be grated into larger or smaller bits
  • Electric meat grinders – for all meat lovers, who love preparing dishes based on freshly minced meat or vegetables