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Baking spatula 24 cm, de Buyer
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Cake server B BOIS, de Buyer
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Cake server NUOVA, WMF
Cake server NUOVA, WMF
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Cake server SOHO, Zwilling
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Cake server STELLA, Blomus
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Cake serving cutlery set NUOVA, 2 pcs, WMF WM1291516040
Confectionery sleeve 40 cm, 100 pcs, de Buyer DB434840N
Confectionery sleeve 40 cm, textile, de Buyer DB485640N
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Dessert cutlery set NUOVA, 13 pcs, WMF
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Icing spatula FKOFFICIUM 20 cm, de Buyer
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Icing spatula FKOFFICIUM 20 cm, de Buyer
30,90 €
Icing spatula FKOFFICIUM 8 cm, de Buyer
22,90 €
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Baking accessories - a must-have for every cake-lover

Baking accessories are a must-have if you love baking cakes, cookies and other types of desserts. Baking gadgets not only make baking easier but they let you decorate your cakes beautifully and be as precise in your baking efforts as possible.

Baking accessories – what are they?

In Kulina we offer a wide range of baking accessories, which make also great presents for all home pastry chefs. You will find here:

  • icing and decorating spatulas also called frosting spatulas and palette knives - utensils designed to spread cream or frosting evenly on a surface of your cakes
  • confectionery sleeves also known as pastry or piping bags perfect for decorating cakes, pastries and appetizers, often with many different tips
  • cake servers that will make serving a piece of cake… a piece of cake
  • other accessories for making and decorating cakes such as cake cutters, baking sets and small gadgets that will be useful when baking and decorating – whether you do it just for fun, with kids or if you take it seriously

There are some brands in Kulina that are really serious about making and decorating your cakes. Spanish brand Lekue offers colourful baking accessories for the whole family and if you have always dreamt of being like a French chef, you may want to get yourself baking accessories by de Buyer brand.

What is the basic rule for decorating your cakes with royal icing?

It’s called a 10 seconds rule (although some say it should be 15) and it lets you check if the consistency of the icing is as it should be. All you have to do is to grab a butter knife and drag its tip through the surface of your icing, letting the knife go approximately 2,5 cm deep. Then slowly count to 10. If the surface of the icing blends back in 10 seconds, your icing is ready to use.

And if you are serious about baking, make sure you have all the cake pans that you need, a heavy rolling pin, a stylish apron and kitchen gloves that will protect your hands from the heat. Well, the gloves are really important as you will need your hands to decorate your cake!