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Hand soap SATOMI FUJI TEA 1 l, Blomus
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Bathroom - a room not to be forgotten!

For some unknown reason, the bathroom remains one of the most underestimated and neglected rooms in our homes. It’s the space we don’t care about that much, we don’t pay too much attention to its arrangement, style and décor. And yet, it’s a place when we start and finish every day, a place where we relax after a hard day, where we get ready for the most important family occasions and the best moments of our life. The space in which we spend quite a lot of time, every single day.

Therefore it’s worth making the effort and making sure your bathroom space is arranged practically but also stylishly, that it matches the style of your home, that it answers your needs and the needs of your family, and that it helps you to calm down after work and get ready for the day full of challenges. How to do that? See what you should remember when arranging your bathroom.

How to make your bathroom practical?

The secret of the perfect bathroom arrangement lies in its organization. In general, you can divide your bathroom space into two smaller areas – the area of washbasin & toilet and the shower & bath area. Make sure you’ve got all you need to make these two areas as practical as possible and this can be done thanks to the selection of proper bathroom accessories.

What should you remember when looking for bathroom accessories?

  • make sure your bathroom accessories (their shape, material and colour) match the style of your home,
  • consider buying more rather than less. Basic accessories such as soap dishes or dispensers, toothbrush holders or toilet brushes will do for sure but if you also go for a spare paper roll holder, cotton pad container or dryer holder your life will get easier and your bathroom will look much tidier,
  • bathroom collections are always a good idea, they help you to arrange the space in a stylish, unified way and when all bathroom accessories match each other the space looks tidy and luxurious

How to make your bathroom beautiful and comfortable?

Do you want to make your bathroom not only practical but also cosy, stylish and comfortable? See below the list of tips you can use to make it a place you want to stay for longer!

  1. Choose high-quality towels in colours matching your bathroom style, floor or walls. If you like minimalism go for white or black towels. If your bathroom is arranged in the shades of nature, choose beige, grey or brown textiles. If it’s full of energy, go for original, modern prints and dynamic colours. It’s the same for any rugs or bathrobes – unity is the key to a stylish home, and this rule applies to the bathroom too.
  2. If you want to turn your bathroom into a luxurious SPA, don’t forget about candles, home diffusers, flowers and music! It will also be great if you have a comfortable seat (a stool or an armchair) to seat on or put your clothes on and a shelf or a drawer to be able to put there all the things you like to have around you when you’re taking a bath or getting ready for the evening party.
  3. Mess does not go well with the feeling of comfort and relaxation. Therefore when arranging your bathroom remember about all sorts of bathroom organizers – baskets, stylish make-up containers, cotton pads and cotton swabs holders, etc.

In Kulina you will find not only all practical bathroom accessories but also tools you need for cleaning or ironing, stylish bathroom linen and bathroom furniture, as well as all types of towel racks and hangers. We will make sure your bathroom is as pretty as the rest of your home as this space – and we are sure you already know it as well – really deserves to be special.