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Vacuum jug 1 l, champagne, plastic, Eva Solo
Vacuum jug 1 l, mocca, plastic, Eva Solo
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Thermo Flask TO GO 500 ml, black Eva Solo ES505031
Thermo Flask TO GO 500 ml, chocolate, Eva Solo ES505033
Thermo flask TO GO 500 ml, sage, Eva Solo ES505034
Thermo Flask TO GO 500 ml, silver, Eva Solo ES505030
Thermo flask URBAN 500 ml, chocolate, Eva Solo ES575028
Thermo Flask URBAN 500 ml, sage, Eva Solo ES575029
Thermos flask 1 l, black, Zwilling
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Thermos flask 1 l, white, Zwilling
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Thermos flask 700 ml, light blue, Eva Solo ES567096
Thermos flask COOL 700 ml, coral, Eva Solo ES567095
Thermos flask GRAND CRU 500 ml, grey, Rosendahl RSD37103
Thermos flask MOTION 750 ml, stainless steel, WMF WM696196040
Thermos jug 1 l, black, Eva Solo
59,95 €
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Vacuum flasks – for your round-the-clock temperature maintenance

What is a vacuum flask?

A thermos or vacuum flask is an insulated bottle that keeps the liquids at a constant temperature, sometimes even for a period of up to 12 hours. Thanks to their insulating properties they can be used to maintain the temperature of hot or cold beverages, depending on your needs. You can use them at home or when travelling for your homemade tea or coffee.

How do vacuum flasks maintain the temperature?

Vacuum Insulation

By establishing a vacuum in an inner wall, vacuum insulation acts to stop heat transmission from the outside of the bottle to the inside. Convection cannot happen in a vacuum since there is no air present, hence the liquid's temperature stays constant.

Foam Insulation

Foam is used in foam insulation to stop convection from happening. Foam makes it harder for air to circulate, preventing heat transmission from the outside to the inside of the container.

What should I consider when buying a vacuum flask?

The greatest type of insulated container you can buy is definitely a vacuum flask since just like standard thermal cups, not only keeps your beverages warm but is also incredibly mobile. You can also buy a vacuum jug that can be used at home or at work. It has a bigger volume so you can enjoy hot tea or coffee for longer. So when purchasing a vacuum flask or a thermo jug take into consideration its:

  • Capacity

Thermos vacuum flasks can hold from 0.4 to 1.5 litres of liquid, depending on their capacity. If you want a sizable flask for long-distance travel choose something that can hold enough fluids to keep you hydrated for several hours. A smaller vacuum flask will be perfect for a trip that lasts one or two hours.

  • Materials

Materials for vacuum flasks include silicon, steel, and plastic. Your needs will determine the option you make. Vacuum flasks made of plastic are inexpensive and portable. The temperature can be maintained for longer in a vacuum flask made of stainless steel, which is also more environmentally friendly.

Check out the selection of vacuum flasks offered by Kulina from manufacturers like Eva Solo, WMF, Rosendahl, and Stelton, which make it simple to preserve your preferred beverages in a safe and clean manner. We also have a fantastic selection of mugs so you can enjoy your tea or other beverages indoor.