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Set of grinders for spices Ceramill® Nature WMF

Kitchen essentials

Pots, pans, knives and basic kitchen tools have been among the best-selling products in Kulina for years. Do you know that most households tend to buy a new car more often than a new set of pots? The motto of the German brand WMF is "Quality knife, from the very beginning", that is - from your very first kitchen. And we couldn't agree more with this slogan! If you are wondering which kitchen essentials are worth investing in, see our guide in which we have gathered for you the basic kitchen tools.


KitchenAid standing mixer

The best kitchen helper

A quality food processor is often a big dream of everyone who is a cooking fan. Whether you choose the iconic American KitchenAid or the stylish technology by Smeg, it will be your faithful ally for many years. Do you need a smaller but handy helper? If you don't mix yeast dough and have little space on your kitchen top, you better use a practical hand mixer. Lovers of smoothies and vegetable soups and sauces will in turn make better use of stand blenders or handy hand blenders.


Pancake pan Mineral B Element de Buyer

For a perfect morning at the weekend

Yes, a proper pancake pan holds one of the top places among the most popular products. Because how to make an ideal, soft pancake is an almost existential topic, at least for parents of small children :) And who knows more about "crepes" than French cooks? French brand de Buyer has been producing iconic pans for crepes and pancakes since 1830.  



WMF Philadelphia set of cutlery 60 pcs

 The table was set for a moment of joy...

The experience of good food is not only about its taste. Glasses and water carafes, wine decanters, elegant cutlery, fabric tablecloths. A beautifully set table turns a meal into a dish and a dining room into a refined restaurant.


Thermos flask Nordic kitchen Eva Solo

Cosy and practical home

Accessories complete the home. They bring the warmth to the interior, and by changing them we can easily change the atmosphere in the room. And household items are also very popular gifts. Are you looking for something that would bring joy and please your loved ones? See our gift guides for beautiful gift ideas.

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Bowl for noodles Black Pearl 20 cm 900 ml MIJ
15,99 €
Cocktail gift set Nicolas Vahé
55 €
Electric kettle 1,7 l royal red KitchenAid
168 €
Electric kettle Enfinigy Pro Zwilling black 1,5 l
138 €
Electric kettle Sense Tefal white 1,5 l
64,90 €
Food processor Artisan 175 royal red KitchenAid
800 €
Glass self-watering pot on orchids O 15 cm Eva Solo
49,95 €
Herb garden - 3 self-watering flower pots Gourmet WMF
77,90 €
Chef's knife Forged Olive 20,5 cm
74,99 €
Chef's knife Laguiole Luxury 20 cm olive
45 € –17 %
37,49 €
Chladící box CLASSIC Polarbox 20 l starorůžový
44,62 €
Mandolin SWING PLUS red de Buyer
120,90 €
Mineral B Element Steel Frying Pan ⌀ 28 cm de Buyer DB561028
Minute kitchen timer Premium One WMF
17,90 €
Mug Nordic kitchen black 0,4 l Eva Solo
14,95 €
Mug TO Alessi 0,3 l white
Mug TO Alessi 0,3 l white
In stock (2 pcs)
28 €
Nordic Kitchen Hanging Wine Rack Eva Solo
59,95 €
Pancake maker Mineral B Element O 27 cm de Buyer
98,70 €
Plastic vacuum set FRESH & SAVE Zwilling 7 pcs
89,64 €
ProfiResist Pan ⌀ 28 cm WMF
129 €
Rice maker RK102811 Tefal 1 l
75,90 €
Roll Top Bread Bin, bright red, Brabantia
42,50 €
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