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Steam cookers – a healthy and convenient way to cook

What are the advantages of steaming food?

A steam cooker, also known as a food steamer, is a small kitchen appliance that uses steam heat to cook or prepare a variety of food by keeping the food in a closed vessel to prevent steam escape.

Steaming is a quick, easy, low-fat, and low-calorie cooking method that preserves the nutrients in food and is used in cooking a variety of foods. One of the well-known advantages of steaming is that it is a nutritious cooking technique that keeps vitamins and minerals as well as other food nutrients. It is a low-fat, low-calorie cooking method as no oil or fat is used. In comparison to cooking or frying, steaming is also a fast and easy cooking method. It offers you a hands-off cooking technique so you can engage in other activities while your meal cooks.

Finally, because these cookers do not add any additional flavours to the meal, they serve to enhance the natural flavours of foods like vegetables.

In Kulina you will also find steam pots and inserts.

What foods can I cook with a steam cooker?

Vegetables, meat, seafood, and starches like steamed buns are the most often steam-cooked dishes. Rather than harder foods like steak, tender proteins like lean fish fillets and boneless, skinless chicken breasts steam better.

Some fruits, like peaches and pears, are also ideal choices for steam cooking, whether you want to prepare a cooked fruit compote or homemade baby food.

How do you clean and descale a steam cooker?

Since cooking using a food steamer doesn't include any oils or sauces, cleaning it up is rather very easy. All detachable steamer bowls, trays, and lids, except for bamboo steamers, can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Ensure the steamer is switched off and cool to the touch before cleaning.

The mineral concentration in water causes some steamer components to occasionally start to seem murky and they cannot be removed by routine cleaning. To descale a steamer, run it filled with white vinegar rather than water and rinse thoroughly.

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