Boning knives

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Boning knife RAN PLUS 15 cm, black, Yaxell
Boning knife ZEN 15 cm, black, Yaxell
151,99 €
Boning knife 15 cm, Victorinox
21,40 €
Boning knife CARBON FRAGMENT 15 cm, black, Dellinger DNGRH140B
Boning knife CLASSIC 14 cm, Wüsthof
98,99 €
Boning knife CLASSIC 16 cm, Wüsthof
110 €
Boning knife CLASSIC 18 cm, Wüsthof
110 €
Boning knife FOUR STAR 14 cm, Zwilling
73,99 €
Boning knife GERMAN PAKKA WOOD 14 cm, brown, Dellinger DNGRXZB26B
Boning knife GOURMET 14 cm, Wüsthof WU1035046114
Boning knife MO-V 15 cm, Samura
44 €
Boning knife SEBRA 16 cm, Forged
70 €
Carving knife GO FOR GOLD 15 cm, F.DICK
91,99 €
Carving knife GO FOR GOLD, 21 cm, F.DICK FDCK814562180
Japanese boning knife EYES 14,5 cm, Dellinger DNGRSXLKHAUS65
Paring knife 1905 9 cm, F.Dick
60 €
Paring knife OLIVE 8,5 cm, Forged
51 €
Paring knife PINK SPIRIT 9 cm, pink, F.DICK FDCK817470979
Paring knife ROSE WOOD DAMASCUS 7 cm, Dellinger DNGRXZB27RW3
Paring knife SEBRA 8,5 cm, Forged
51,99 €
Paring knife UTILITY SAMURAI 13 cm, Dellinger DNGRSXLKHP5U
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Boning knives – exactly what you need for boning your meat

What is a boning knife?

A boning knife is a type of a kitchen knife with a long, thin, flexible blade with a sharp point. It it is used for boning cuts of meat, fish and poultry, and removing skin from meat and fish. Boning knives need to be extremely sharp, and the longer they stay sharp, the more durable they are.

How do I care for my boning knife?

Despite the fact that the majority of boning knives are made of stainless steel, which is reasonably resistant to rust, water can still interact with the blade or wooden handles. Therefore, it is advisable to clean and dry your boning knives by hand right away after use, as you should with the majority of your kitchen knives. You should also store your knife properly after cleaning by placing it in a knife block or on a magnetic rack after.

How can I keep a boning knife sharp?

In order to maintain the sharpness of your boning knife's blade you need to remember two things.

  • use of knife-friendly cutting board that would not dull your knife. A wooden or bamboo chopping board or a cutting board made of high-quality plastic is the best choice and you will find them in Kulina
  • sharp your boning knife regularly. You can sharpen its non-serrated blade by using a knife sharpener available in Kulina
  • never place a boning knife in a dishwasher. Rinse the blade in warm, soapy water, run a soft cloth along the edge and dry it immediately

What distinguishes a filet knife from a boning knife?

Filleting knives are renowned for their flexibility and razor-sharp blades and they are designed for cutting fish and removing bones. Boning knives are better option for harder meats like pork, beef, or chicken.

At our online store, you can get top-notch boning knives from manufacturers like F. DIKCK, Wusthof, and Dellinger. If you prepare a lot of meat in your kitchen, you should look at some of our more sturdy blades, including the butcher and cleaver knives and read our shopping guide on kitchen knives here.