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Dog bowl LINEAR 13 cm, grey, stoneware, Mason Cash MSC2030468
Dog bowl NON TIP 21 cm, creme, stoneware, Mason Cash MSC2030533
miska pro kocky tigrito alessi seda ALAMMI09G
miska pro kocky tigrito alessi cervena ALAMMI09RO
miska pro kocky tigrito alessi cerna 1
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miska pro psy lula alessi 600 ml cerna
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miska pro psy lula alessi 600 ml cervena
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miska pro psy lupita alessi 150 ml cervena
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Pet accessories – design for your best friends

If you have a dog or a cat you know that you don’t treat your pets like friends! You treat them better because you treat them like members of your family! Your pets live at your home (unless you have a cat in which case you live at your cat’s home, not the other way round ;)) so you need to make sure their accessories look great as they are part of your interior. Smart, functional pet accessories are also crucial when it comes to the organization of their care and feeding.

Can pet accessories be stylish?

Of course! Designers are well aware of the fact that pets have become part of our lives and that their accessories are part of our homes. Therefore, pet accessories are part of interior brands catalogues and are created by the most popular designers who help people writhe the stories of their homes and their pets! And this is what we do here in Kulina!

What accessories do I need for my pets?

  • pet bowls - usually placed in the kitchen so make sure you choose one that matches its style
  • pet food containers which can look as good as your own food containers so you don’t need to hide them in your kitchen shelves
  • pet beds which can match your sofa or bed linen for a perfect fit
  • pet accessories for walking your dog such as dog outfits, collars and leashes
  • pet accessories for grooming and cleaning