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Outdoor heater HEATUP, Eva Solo
499,95 €
Indoor firewood holder ASHI, black, Blomus BM66164
Indoor firewood holder ASHI, brown, Blomus BM66165
Outdoor heater cover HEATUP, Eva Solo
39,95 €
Outdoor log rack, black, Remundi
396 € –6 %
372 €
Outdoor log rack, cube, rusty, Remundi RMDI800967
Outdoor log rack, horizontal, rusty, Remundi RMDI800961
Outdoor log rack, vertical, rusty, Remundi RMDI800964
Outdoor stool, black, wood, Remundi
251 €
Seat for REMUNDI log rack, wood, Remundi RMDI800992

Outdoor furniture - just relax!

If you like spending time outdoors – on your balcony, terrace or in the garden, you will certainly need some outdoor furniture that will make you comfortable and that will help you relax in the fresh air. Decorating your outdoor space is similar to decorating your indoor space in terms of accessories – you need a table, chairs or armchairs, some outdoor textiles and outdoor lighting but it can be more creative. Even if your home is arranged in a minimalistic style it doesn’t mean that the same rules apply outdoors. You can experiment with shapes of outdoor furniture, materials and fabrics. Make sure that your outdoor space is your comfort zone and that it’s also fun!

When choosing outdoor furniture take into account:

  • how much space do you have,
  • how many people are going to use it on an everyday basis and
  • whether your furniture pieces will be under some kind of roof. You will certainly need different outdoor furniture for a balcony or covered terrace and different for a large patio.

In Kulina we offer different styles and different types of garden furniture. Outdoor tables and chairs for great family dinners in the open air. Outdoor seatings for a relaxed afternoon on your terrace, hammocks for chilling out in the garden as well as outdoor umbrellas to protect you from sun or rain. Make sure you also have some comfortable outdoor textiles that will turn your terrace into an outdoor living room as well as outdoor storage boxes to protect pillows from getting wet.