Outdoor firewood racks

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Indoor firewood holder ASHI, black, Blomus BM66164
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Outdoor log rack, black, Remundi
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Outdoor log rack, cube, rusty, Remundi RMDI800967
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Outdoor firewood racks – organize your wood in a style

Why do I need an outdoor firewood rack?

A firewood rack for outdoor use keeps your wood well-organized and off the ground. For firewood to burn efficiently - whether it's for your fireplace or for a fire pit and provide heat, it must be "seasoned," or dried and you can do this by correctly stacking the wood in a firewood rack. It also keeps it aired, protecting it from moisture and decreasing the likelihood that pests will be drawn to it.

At Kulina, we have an extensive range of outdoor firewood racks, including those from the well-known Remundi brand in a variety of sizes, finishes, and structures.

Why are log racks open at the front?

Most log racks have an open front, which makes it simple to load and unload firewood and provides optimum airflow and ventilation, which helps the logs dry out more quickly. It also prevents moisture buildup and the possibility of mold, decay, and insect infestation. The open front allows for easy visual inspection of the firewood and enhances the outside area's overall aesthetic appeal.

However, when the weather is up against you, it's important to get tarpaulin to cover the front of the log store and keep the wood dry. Why? Regardless of how you store it, firewood should always be kept dry since it burns more quickly and is easier to light.

Where can I place an outdoor firewood rack?

It's crucial to find a spot for your firewood rack that you frequently used to store your belongings outside the house or where you like to unwind after work. Locations like:

  • Outdoor garage or storage shed: These structures help keep the wood dry and protected from the weather.
  • You can also place them on a patio or deck to have simple access to your firewood.
  • Lastly, you can put the rack next to your fire pit or at the corner of your backyard if it is large enough.

The requirement for space, accessibility, and weather protection should all be taken into consideration when deciding where to put your outdoor firewood rack.