Grilling with Severin

24 items total
Contact grill KG 2392 Severin 1800 W
106,99 €
Contact multifunctional KG grill 2394 Severin 800 W
32,99 €
Electric grill PG 8104 SEVO G Severin 3000 W
327,99 €
Electric grill PG 8105 SEVO GS Severin 3000 W
409,99 €
Electric grill PG 8106 SEVO GT Severin 3000 W
505,90 €
Electric grill PG 8107 SEVO GTS Severin 3000 W
622,90 €
Electric grill PG 8113 SENOA BOOST Severin 3000 W
163,99 €
Electric grill PG 8114 SENOA DIGITAL BOOST Severin 3000 W SEVEPG8114
Electric grill PG 8117 SENOA BOOST S Severin 3000 W
196,99 €
Electric grill PG 8118 SENOA DIGITAL BOOST S Severin 3000 W SEVEPG8118
Electric grill PG 8123 STYLE Evo Severin 2300 W
147,99 €
Electric grill PG 8124 STYLE EVO S Severin 2500 W
174 €
Electric grill PG 8138 SEVO SMART GT Severin 3000 W
819,99 €
Electric grill PG 8139 SEVO SMART Severin GTS 3000 W
983,99 €
Electric grill PG 8545 STEAKBOARD Severin 2300 W
114,50 €
Electric grill PG 8561 Severin 2200 W
89,99 €
Electric grill PG 8562 Severin 2200 W
81,99 €
Electric stand grill with lid PG 8541 Severin 2000 W SEVEPG8541
Raclette grill RG 2370 Severin 600 W
28 €
Raclette grill RG 2371 Severin natural stone 1500 W
56,99 €
Raclette grill RG 2372 Severin all-stone 1300 W
56,99 €
Raclette grill RG 2373 Severin stainless steel 1500 W SEVERG2373
Raclette grill RG 2374 Severin all-stone + stainless steel 1500 W SEVERG2374
Teppan Yaki grill KG 2397 Severin 2200 W
85,50 €

grily Severin

Hotter than gas, faster than coal

Get rid of prejudices. Electric grills will satisfy those who do not compromise when grilling:

→ heating up from 0° to 500°C in 10 minutes
→ massive grate
→ precise temperature setting, 10-step regulation

Juicy steaks with a crispy crust or pork roasted slowly at a low temperature - the new generation of Severin grills guarantees perfect results.



eBBQ is environment friendly and clean.

If you use ecological electricity while grilling it means no exhaust fumes, no smoke, no problems with neighbours and no CO2 emission. See the virtual Severin store.

The future of grilling is electricity!

Severin Sevo

Inteligent grilling

A smart grill fits well with a smart home. The grills from Severin's "Smart" collection, can be fully controlled via the mobile app. You can choose the desired result and temperature, and thanks to the smart thermometer you can also control the degree of preparation of the meat. At the table, relaxed, with a glass in hand.

steakové nože

Connect and grill - Severin SEVO

Gone are the days when electric grills brought a smile of pity to your face. Severin Sevo reaches peak temperatures of up to 500 ° C in less than 10 minutes - thanks to a double heating element and an innovative reflector insert for optimal heat distribution. The so-called BoostZone that can be switched on separately is a great solution for precise grilling of steaks. The high-quality lid allows slow cooking, when you want to prepare your favorite ribs or pork. Two integrated thermometers that measure the temperature of meat, an OLED display and an intuitive temperature control knob, leave nothing to chance.

Watch the movie and see how to grill based on the latest, award-winning technology.


maska na spaní

Compact but efficient - Severin SENOA

The Senoa collection offers space-saving grills that meet the needs of urban barbecue enthusiasts. Our balconies are often small, the neighbours do not want to be disturbed, and in some apartment blocks, it is strictly forbidden to use charcoal barbecues.Thanks to Severin Senoa grills, you have to give up on grilling neither outdoors nor indoors.