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Toaster VOLO 32 cm, gold, stainless steel, Bugatti
Toaster VOLO 32 cm, lilac, stainless steel, Bugatti
Toaster VOLO 32 cm, red, stainless steel, Bugatti
Toaster VOLO 32 cm, white, stainless steel, Bugatti
Bun warmer for ARTISAN toasters, KitchenAid KA5KTBW22
Bun warmer TSBW01, Smeg
Bun warmer TSBW01, Smeg
In stock (4 pcs)
19 €
181622 mrizka do toustovace sg68 alessi 1
32 €
Sandwich rack set, 2 pcs, TSSR01, Smeg SMETSSR01
Toaster 50'S STYLE TSF01RGEU, rose gold, Smeg SMETSF01RGEU
Toaster 50'S STYLE TSF01UJEU, British flag, Smeg SMETSF01UJEU
Toaster 5KMT2204EIB, 2 slice, ink blue, KitchenAid KA5KMT2204EIB
Toaster 5KMT2204EPP, 2 slice, bottle green, KitchenAid KA5KMT2204EPP
Toaster 5KMT221EER, 2 slice, royal red, KitchenAid KA5KMT221EER
Toaster ARTISAN, 2 slice, black, KitchenAid KA5KMT2204EOB
Toaster ARTISAN, 2 slice, cast iron black, KitchenAid KA5KMT2204EBK
Toaster ARTISAN, 2 slice, pistachio, KitchenAid KA5KMT2204EPT
Toaster ARTISAN, 2 slice, red metallic, KitchenAid KA5KMT2204ECA
Toaster ARTISAN, 2 slice, royal red, KitchenAid KA5KMT2204EER
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Toaster - a small kitchen appliance everyone loves

What is a Toaster used for?

A toaster is a convenient, small kitchen tool that you may use to toast and lightly cook pieces of toast bread so they are crispier, darker, and more flavorful. A toaster may be also used to toast food like bagels, buns, and sliced bread. A standard toaster heats a slice of bread using heat emitted from heated electric components.

In Kulina you will find toasters for 2 or 4 slices, with many browning levels, defrosting and baking functions, automatic stop and removable crumb trays for easier cleaning. For a classic treat when having your toast bread, you should check our collection of butter dishes and jam jars.

What is the difference between a toaster and a sandwich maker?

A sandwich maker is built to cook the fillings within the sandwich while compressing the bread slices. These appliances often have built-in plates that let users cook several sandwich varieties. Additionally, sandwich makers have hinges that keep the shutter and the bottom parts together.

On the other hand, toasters don't have shutters and are typically compact in design, allowing bread slices to be dropped into slots at the top. To control the length of a toasting cycle and the level of browning, a lever, a knob, or a set of push buttons are used.

What is the lifespan of a toaster?

The toaster's lifespan is influenced by how often it is used and how well it was made initially. Maintaining and cleaning your toaster regularly also extends its lifespan.

A toaster's lifespan is influenced by a variety of elements, such as:

  • Frequency of use: How frequently you use your toaster influences how long it lasts. A toaster's lever or a knob might eventually become worn down from repeated usage.
  • Upkeep and maintenance: Your toaster will last longer if you maintain it. This includes sanitizing the toaster after each usage.
  • Original quality: The toaster's durability is influenced by its initial quality. Make sure you choose a toaster made by a reliable brand that uses food-safe, long-lasting materials.
  • Use: The kind of food you cook in your toaster may have an impact on how long it lasts. Make sure to use the toaster in accordance with the user manual to insure the longest lifespan.

At Kulina, we work to ensure that you always have a variety of housing alternatives. Because of this, we offer a huge selection of toasters from manufacturers like KitchenAid, Smeg, Alessi, WMF. And if you are dreaming about a perfect breakfast, you should also check out our sandwich toasters, waffle makers, crepe pans and citrus juicers.