Miyabi knives are not only authentic Japanese knives, exceptionally sharp, precise and durable but also beautiful. Miyabi combines Japanese tradition with Zwilling technology and great design. Beautiful to hold and behold.
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Cutting board 35 x 20 cm, wood, MIYABI MB34535200
Japanese bread knife 5000FCD 24 cm, Miyabi MB34686241
Japanese bread knife 5000MCD 23 cm, Miyabi MB34376231
Japanese bread knife 6000MCT 23 cm, Miyabi MB34076231
Japanese cleaver knife NAKIRI 4000FC 17 cm, Miyabi MB33952171
Japanese knife NAKIRI 5000FCD 17 cm, Miyabi MB34685171
Japanese knife SHOTOH 5000FCD 9 cm, MIYABI MB34680091
Japanese meat knife GYUTOH 24 cm, 4000FC, MIYABI MB33951241
Japanese meat knife GYUTOH 5000FCD 16 cm, Miyabi MB34681161
Japanese meat knife GYUTOH 5000FCD 20 cm, Miyabi MB34681201
Japanese meat knife GYUTOH 5000FCD 24 cm, Miyabi MB34681241
Japanese meat knife GYUTOH 5000MCD 24 cm, Miyabi MB34373241
Japanese meat knife GYUTOH 6000MCT 20 cm, Miyabi MB34073201
Japanese meat knife GYUTOH 6000MCT, 16 cm, MIYABI MB34073161
Japanese meat knife GYUTOH 7000D 20 cm, Miyabi MB34543201
Japanese meat knife GYUTOH 7000D 24 cm, MIYABI MB34543241
Japanese Nakiri knife 5000MCD 17 cm, Miyabi MB34375171
Japanese SANTOKU knife 5000FCD 18 cm, Miyabi MB34684181
Japanese Santoku knife 5000MCD 18 cm, Miyabi MB34374181
Japanese Santoku knife 7000D 18 cm, Miyabi MB34544181
Japanese slicing knife CHUTOH 5000MCD 16 cm, Miyabi MB34372161
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Miyabi - the beauty of sharp blades

Miyabi is a renowned brand in the world of cutlery, known for producing high-quality Japanese knives. Although the brand was founded in Seki City, Japan, in 2004 by Zwilling J.A. Henckels, a German cutlery manufacturer. The history of Miyabi dates back to the 14th century, when Japanese swordsmiths created the world's best swords. These swords were crafted with the utmost attention to detail and were renowned for their sharpness and durability. The tradition of sword-making eventually transitioned into knife-making, and this is where Miyabi comes in.

In 2004, Zwilling J.A. Henckels decided to combine their German engineering expertise with the traditional Japanese craftsmanship of Seki City to create a new brand of knives that would embody the best of both worlds. The name "Miyabi" was chosen to represent the elegance, refinement, and beauty that are characteristic of Japanese culture. The combination of German engineering and Japanese craftsmanship is what sets Miyabi knives apart from other knife brands.

Miyabi's mission and vision

The mission of Miyabi is to produce knives of the highest quality that reflect the beauty and precision of Japanese craftsmanship. The brand aims to provide professional chefs and home cooks with knives that not only perform exceptionally but also elevate their cooking experience. The knives offered by the brand are supposed to prove to them that sharp knives enhance the plate and please the palate. MIYABI merges the sharpness, tradition, craftsmanship, and performancethe of samurai swords with contemporary design to continue the legacy of Japanese knife-making and be recognized as a leader in the global cutlery industry.

What makes Miyabi's knives so special?

It takes more than 100 steps and 42 days to make one knife with the MIYABI logo. Each authentic knife is crafted true to Japanese tradition by skilled artisans and forged from premium steel. s and modern state-of-the art technology. This is what makes each blade so sharp and exceptionally-precise and this is what made Miyabi won several design awards for its innovative and beautiful knife designs, incuding Red Dot Design Award and Good Design Award.

So if you are looking for premium knives for your kitchen, make sure you check the knives offered in Kulina under the Miyabi brand. We are sure you will love its attention to detail and craftsmanship that helped Miyabi establish itself as a leader in the global cutlery industry.