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Travel accessories – don’t forget to pack them before you set off on a journey

Are you travelling passionate? Do you dream of travelling around the world? Are you always eager to pack your bag and set off on a journey even if it’s just a short city break? Or maybe travelling is required in your job and you are as often on the plane as at the desk? No matter what the answer is, you should make sure you travel in style! And Kulina will help you with getting packed for your every journey.

How to pack your suitcase?

First of all, choose a suitcase that will match your journey in terms of size. Hand luggage is great for a weekend trip and a large suitcase will be perfect for a week or longer holidays. When choosing the bag, make sure you like your suitcase's colour and design as it will probably be travelling with you for a long time. Choose a stylish and functional backpack for hiking trips or very short trips by plane.

Next, make sure you have some suitcase organizers and cosmetic bags to separate different parts of clothing and cosmetics. You can also use some travel jewellery organizers or special cases for ties, watches or shirts. To save space in your suitcase, use one of the clothes folding techniques you can find on the Internet. They let you pack more or squeeze all your stuff into a smaller bag!

And last but not least, make sure your luggage is signed so that it won’t get lost. To do this use a stylish name tag and don’t forget about a travelling pillow to make you as comfortable as possible, especially if you have connecting flights or if you plan to travel by train.