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Chandelier POMP 54 cm, brass, Hübsch
420 €
Pendant lamp CONEY, orange, Hübsch
169 €
Pendant lamp MONKEY SWING 59 cm, white, Seletti SLT14875
Pendant lamp YAMA, green, Hübsch
149 €

Ceiling lamps – let them shine!

Ceiling lamps provide overall illumination for the room. They serve as the source of ambient lighting - artificial lighting that substitutes natural light, and play the role of general lighting for a room, not focused on any particular area or item.

What are the different types of ceiling lights?

Depending on the type of a room, its size and style, you may choose between different types of lighting fixtures:

  • pendant lamps (the most universal type of ceiling lamps, perfect for all kinds of rooms and spaces)
  • chandeliers (great for spacious rooms with high ceiling)
  • plafonds (ideal for providing overall light for a hallway, bathroom, closet, or smaller room)
  • spotlights, recessed lights or rail lights (great for modern, minimalistic or industrial interiors)

How to choose a ceiling lamp for your room?

When choosing a ceiling lamp for your room make sure you take into consideration the following factors:

  • the size of the room vs the number of lighting sources – lamps / bulbs / shades
  • zones of your interior (make sure you match the type of your ceiling lamp to the functional zones of your room)
  • interior style (some types of ceiling lamps look better in the given interior than the other)

Is ceiling lamp enough for a room?

Although ceiling lamps are very important you should not forget about other sources of light and other kinds of lamps. Layered lighting that involves the use of multiple lighting types is the best way to create a cosy, well-lit and balanced space. Therefore don’t forget about table lamps, wall lights or floor lamps because only by using a mix of lighting types you will be able to feel comfortable in a room.