Pendant lamps

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Pendant lamp CONEY, orange, Hübsch
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Pendant lamp MONKEY SWING 59 cm, white, Seletti SLT14875
Pendant lamp YAMA, green, Hübsch
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Pendant lamps – glow up your space

What are pendant lamps?

Pendant lamps, also known as drop lamps or suspender lamps, are ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures that dangle from the ceiling via a string, chain, or metal rod. The term comes from the fact that it is typically suspended like the pendant on a necklace.

At Kulina, we have pendants available in an array of styles, sizes, materials, and brands such as Fritz Hansen or Hübsch, which makes it easy to find the ideal pendant lamp to complement your decor.

What are the types of pendant lamps available?

The right type of lamps can greatly influence the overall feel of the interior lighting of your house.

At Kulina, we have a remarkable collection of pendant lamps that are tailored to suit every customer's needs by highlighting distinctive materials in distinctive designs. Whether you are shopping for elegance or minimalism, we have you covered!

We have glass pendant lamps if you're looking to add sophistication to your space and you can shop from our rustic charmed iron pendant lamps, an open cage structured lamp that subtly exposes bulbs while giving existing decor schemes a vintage feel.

Would you prefer minimalist-styled pendant lamps? Our aluminium pendants provide just that, lightweight materials with attractive designs that make them ideal complements to contemporary homes.

We also have resin-made animal-shaped pendant lamps if a playful design suits your style. Their unique designs create an interesting and exciting statement, bringing the character to your space.

Where do I use pendant lamps?

There are a lot of diverse applications for pendant lamps. Pendant lighting is used for general lighting, area lighting, and task lighting. You can use them on your porches as well as in your dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and stairwells.

Aside from illuminating confined spaces, pendant lamps can also be used to draw attention to artwork like sculptures, paintings, and portraits, be hung on both sides of a mirror in the bathroom or on both sides of the bed in your bedroom (instead of standard bedside lamps). In one way or another, pendant lamps will often provide you with the lighting needed in practically any place in your home.

Other categories of decorative lighting, such as table lamps, wall lights, standing lamps, and outdoor lights, are available in addition to our ceiling lights which also include chandeliers.