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Kitchen scale UMA red, stainless steel, Bugatti
Kitchen timer, digital, WMF
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Digital food scale ENFINIDY, black, Zwilling ZW53011053
Digital food scale PLUS, grey, Brabantia BRAB122880
Digital food scale, black, WMF
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Digital food scale, grey, Brabantia
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Digital food scale, light grey, Brabantia BRAB122668
Digital food scale, with timer, Brabantia BRAB480607
Digital meat thermometer 20 cm, de Buyer DB488100N
Digital probe thermometer GOURMET, Rösle ROS25066
Dressing shaker GRAND CRU 250 ml, black, Rosendahl RSD16096
Grill lid thermometer, Outdoorchef
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Kitchen Scale G20082 MADDY, white, G3Ferrari G32445556
Kitchen timer CLIPSO X1060007, Tefal
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Kitchen timer COOK'N TIME, Eva Solo
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Kitchen timer NORDIC KITCHEN, Eva Solo
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Weighing & measuring – the importance of exact weighing and measuring in the kitchen

It's crucial to weigh ingredients to ensure the proportions as stated in the recipe. In Kulina you will find many different measuring tools for monitoring the weight, volume and temperature of your meals and ingredients, such as:

  • kitchen scales
  • food thermometers
  • measuring cups and jugs
  • egg timers

Why should I weigh and measure my ingredients?

It is important to weigh and measure your ingredients while cooking for several reasons, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Improve Your Cooking results - There is a reason why recipes include precise weights and proportions of the ingredients. Using different quantities than those advised can have a dramatic effect on your meal. For example, a cake that was made with too much flour in it may be too thick and dry.
  • Accuracy - kitchen measuring tools such as measuring cups or jugs can be used to quickly and precisely measure ingredients and ensure that every batch of the final product tastes the same
  • Comfort and confidence - you can also easily step away from your pots or even leave the kitchen by simply using a kitchen timer to track how long the food is cooking and when to come back to it.
  • Portion and calorie control - kitchen scales and measuring tools help you monitor the portions you eat and stick to your diet. You can also track how much sugar or carbs you eat daily.
  • Zero waste cooking - weighing your ingredients can also help you prevent food waste
  • Safety - Controlling food's temperature is essential to making sure it is safe to eat. In order to do this, we offer a fantastic selection of kitchen thermometers for you.