Gifts for him


Gifts for men

A gift for your partner, brother or father, who appreciates quality. Forget infantile socks and would-look sexy shorts and get inspired by our tips on gifts that will make him feel like a real man.

A man for life, is a man with a knife

Either in his pocket or in his kitchen. There should be a proper knife under the Christmas tree. Or maybe a sabre? A New Year's Eve sparkling wine opening with a sabre can be the highlight of your New Year's Eve. A pocket knife can be used by a hiker, a camping enthusiast or a manager, just choose the right style for your man.

Popis Popis Popis

Steaks like butter

A set of steak knives is a great choice for every BBQ fan. No more jerking meat on a plate - knives with sharp serrations can handle it with one move. And forks with extremely sharp, pointed tips will pierce asparagus or beans like no other. Moreover, thanks to the wooden gift box the cutlery is stored safely and without any scratches.


Cooking meat is not rocket science
(unless you measure it)

This meat thermometer is a real hit in Kulina. And it's no surprise. It is really smart. With the extended Bluetooth range of up to 50 m, you can monitor the degree of doneness even from the cellar or from the garden. You can also choose the manual or automatic mode - choose the type of meat from the predefined automatic settings or set the temperature and time by yourself for the meat to be done exactly as you like it. An ideal gift for all meat lovers and fans of useful gadgets.

Popis Popis Popis

A flask is a similar piece of equipment to a pocket knife. It may seem like a cliché, but sometimes there are situations in life when this kind of first aid kit may save many nerves and marriages. Equally popular gifts are home bar accessories such as shakers, glasses and all that is necessary for preparing cocktails.



Iconic coffee machine

The first espresso machine was born in 1905 in Italy (obviously). The beautiful La Pavoni lever coffee machines are not only traditional devices for preparing coffee, but most of all, a piece of jewellery in their owner's home. The speed at which the water passes through the coffee is fully in your hands, i.e. in the lever. This may seem a bit old-fashioned, but you can be sure that your cup of morning coffee is tailored to your needs.

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Bar set Matryoshka WMF
Bar set Matryoshka WMF
In stock (>5 pcs)
69,90 €
BBQ utensil set Nicolas Vahé 3 pcs
40 €
Beer glass with ear Noblesse Nachtmann
21 € –15 %
17,90 €
Black Scala steak thermometer WMF 1
21,90 €
Brush for shaving Silvertip Badger Mahogany Dellinger DNGRSXLTTNFB01
Business card holder CUSHION Philippi 10 cm silver
34,90 €
Business card holder NIC Philippi 10 cm black
28,90 €
Cocktail gift set Nicolas Vahé
55 €
Decanter for whisky with stopper Punk Nachtmann
125 €
Decanter Horse Riedel
Decanter Horse Riedel
In stock (1 pcs)
364 €
Flask 20 cl Manhattan WMF
Flask 20 cl Manhattan WMF
In stock (4 pcs)
32,90 €
Gift set of steak knives WMF
89,90 €
Grilling apron APRON Höfats
42,49 € –6 %
39,95 €
Hip flask CHURCHILL Philippi 115 ml silver
28,90 €
Chef's knife Ajax 1905 F.Dick 22 cm
149 €
Chef's knife Sebra Forged 20,5 cm
74,99 €
Chef's knife Spitzenklasse Plus 20 cm PC WMF
92,90 €
Japanese chef's knife Sujihiki Dellinger 24 cm
352 €
Knife for sausages with fork F.Dick 11 cm
48,49 €
Mineral B Element Steel Frying Pan ⌀ 28 cm de Buyer DB561028
Pocket knife composite black 37 g carbon deposition
59,19 €
Pocket knife outdoor black 37 g juniper Bicycle deejo
64,89 €
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