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Bottle openers – open your favourite beverages with ease

What are bottle openers?

Bottle openers are tools used to remove bottle closures (usually caps). They are made to pry the top off without breaking the bottle or letting the contents spill. Bottle openers are made of sturdy materials such as stainless steel or wood and come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Bottle openers are crucial tools for anyone who likes to consume bottled beverages. They are simple yet efficient tools that can quickly and easily open a bottle without harming the user, the container (apart from champagne sabres) or spilling its contents.

At Kulina, we offer different kinds of bottle openers from renowned producers like Höfats, Philippi, and UBRD.

What are the types of bottle openers available on Kulina?

There are several different types of bottle openers available on our website, each designed for a specific purpose or style. The following are a few of the most popular kinds of bottle openers:

  • Handheld bottle opener: This style of bottle opener, which is the most prevalent, consists of a simple tool with a flat end used to pry off bottle tops. Some portable bottle openers also feature a second end that can be used to open cans or twist off bottle tops.
  • Wall-mounted bottle opener: For convenience, this style of bottle opener is generally hung on a wall or countertop. The cap is removed using a metal plate with a little lip or lever, and there is often a container to catch the caps as they fall off.
  • Crown cap opener: Crown caps, which are often found on beer bottles, can be opened with one of the crown cap openers available from Kulina. These bottle openers are made to fit snugly over the crown cap, giving you the leverage to remove it without breaking the bottle or leaking its contents.
  • Champagne sabre: Kulina provides a champagne sabre for elegantly opening champagne bottles. These sabres are intended to be used to slash the champagne bottle's lip, rupturing the neck and releasing the cork. For a special event, champagne sabres are an elegant and dramatic way to open a bottle.

What is the history of champagne sabre and sabrage?

e history of the champagne sabre, also known as sabrage, can be traced back to the time of Napoleon Bonaparte in the late 18th and early 19th century.

According to legend, during Napoleon's campaigns, he and his officers would celebrate victories by opening bottles of champagne with their swords. The tradition continued even after the end of the Napoleonic era, and it eventually became popular among French aristocrats and later spread to other countries.

The first recorded instance of sabrage was actually in 1812, when a cavalry officer named Francois-Antoine Hollande reportedly opened a bottle of champagne with his saber after the Battle of Borodino. This act quickly became popular among officers, and it was soon adopted by the aristocracy as a way to impress guests at parties and celebrations.

Over time, the technique of sabrage became more refined, and the champagne sabre was developed specifically for this purpose. The champagne sabre typically has a long, flat blade with a dull edge, allowing for a clean break along the seam of the bottle. The sabre is used by running it along the seam of the bottle, creating a small crack that allows the pressure inside the bottle to force the cork and the glass collar out of the top of the bottle.

Today, sabrage is often performed at special events and celebrations, and it has become a popular tradition in the wine and spirits industry. While it may seem like a risky and dangerous way to open a bottle of champagne, when done correctly by a skilled practitioner, it can be a spectacular and impressive display of technique and showmanship.

In general, Kulina provides a selection of premium bottle openers to meet a range of needs and tastes, from traditional handheld openers to more specialised designs for opening particular types of bottles.

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