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Apple wood chips 750 g, Rösle
11 €
Baking tray 40 cm, Outdoorchef
33 €
Barbecue spatula Remundi
Barbecue spatula Remundi
In stock (2 pcs)
55 €
Beech wood chips 750 g, Rösle
11 €
Briquettes CABIX PLUS 3 kg, Petromax
13,99 €
Cast iron care conditioner, Petromax
17,49 €
Fire starter kit, Petromax
1,99 €
Firewood 12 kg, Höfats
Firewood 12 kg, Höfats
In stock (16 pcs)
29,95 €
Fish grilling rack, Rösle
30,99 €
Flavoring pan 23 cm, cast iron, Outdoorchef ODCH1821171
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Grilling tools

Grilling tools are an indispensable part of the whole grilling experience. They make it easier, better and safer.

What kind of grilling accessories will you need if you plan to buy a garden grill and start throwing great garden parties with tasty BBQ dishes?

In Kulina you will find a whole range of practical and durable grilling tools starting from BBQ utensils such as:

  • BBQ forks
  • BBQ tongs
  • BBQ spatulas
  • BBQ tweezers
  • BBQ turners

In sets, they make great gifts for somebody who is always at the grill, for grill masters and meat lovers. If your husband loves having a BBQ and if he loves the whole grilling experience – i.e. talking to his neighbours or friends while drinking beer and taking care of your steaks, an elegant apron and a set of grilling tools will make his experience even better.

In Kulina we also offer BBQ grids, planchas and pizza stones as well as grill cleaning accessories and grill covers to protect your grill against weather conditions. You may also need some fuel for your grill so check our offer of charcoal, briquettes and fire starters.