Serving bowls

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Burial for the vegetable bowl Tac Rosenthal White RS1128080000111322
Decorative bowl PILASTRO 15 cm, Stelton
34,95 €
Decorative bowl PILASTRO 23 cm, Stelton
44,95 €
Dining bowl 18 cm, black/amber, Bitz
20,90 €
Dining bowl 18 cm, black/green, Bitz BITZ821269
Dining bowl 18 cm, black/purple, Bitz
20,90 €
Dining bowl 18 cm, cream, Bitz
19 €
Dining bowl 18 cm, dark grey, Bitz
19 €
Dining bowl 18 cm, grey/cream, Bitz
20,90 €
Dining bowl 18 cm, grey/light blue, Bitz BITZ821261
Dining bowl 18 cm, grey/pink, Bitz
21 €
Dining bowl AURORA 15 cm, 450 ml, MIJ
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Dining bowl ICE WHITE 22 cm, 350 ml, MIJ
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Dining bowl ICE WHITE 24,5 cm. 550 ml, MIJ MIJC2330
Dip bowl BOSSA NOVA, set of 4 pcs, Nachtmann NM101322
Lid for vegetable bowl MOON, Rosenthal RS1960080000111322
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Serving bowls - a must-have for your table

What are serving bowls and what are they used for?

Serving bowls, also called salad bowls, are used for serving different types of food such as salads, cooked vegetables, pasta, potatoes, popcorn, chips, etc. They come in different sizes also available for serving snacks, smaller portions of salads or desserts.

Serving bowls can be conveniently positioned at the dining table and passed from one person to another so that each person can serve food on their plate. Serving bowls come in a wide variety of designs, dimensions, and materials and if chosen with a decorative pattern or style that matches the interior, they can also be used as decorative bowls for fruit in both domestic and professional contexts.

If you are looking for the salad bowl, make sure you also check our selection of salad spoons to make your table look even nicer and if you want to make sure the taste of your salad is as good as it looks, make sure you sprinkle it with some quality olive oil and flavoured salt, yummy!

What are the materials used in making serving bowls?

Salad bowls come in a wide range of compositions. The most popular types of bowls are those made of porcelain, glass, plastic, and stainless steel. More environmentally friendly materials, such as stoneware and ceramic, have been added in recent years, and we have all of them in our store.

Each material, of course, has unique qualities. They are all either really festive, need specific maintenance, or are just handy. The ideal salad dish for you will depend on dining plates and other dinnerware that you already have or on the style of your dining room. You will choose a porcelain serving bowl if all your plates are in classic white porcelain or a wooden salad bowl if you are looking for a dish that will be ideal to serve salad during your summer BBQ.

Below are some of the distinctive qualities of several of our serving bowls that are based on these materials.

Stoneware serving bowls: Strong and useful, excellent for daily use. It has moderate firing temperatures enabling tailored pieces. They are stronger than earthenware and resistant to chips. Ideal for heavy use and frequently capable of withstanding oven temperatures of up to 250°C

Stainless Steel salad bowls: They are dishwasher-safe, sturdy and long-lasting, hygienic, tasteless, and rust-free.

Porcelain, Ceramic salad bowl: There is a huge variety of patterns and colours available, and porcelain, in particular, frequently appears quite elegant. They are also scratch-resistant and hygienic.

Make a statement with a serving bowl from one of our favourite brands, such as MIJ, Revol, Eva Solo, and Bitz. For both everyday eating and special occasions, you are guaranteed the highest quality and timeless elegance, regardless of the style you pick.