Baking sheets

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Baking mat 60 x 40 cm, non-stick, de Buyer DB434413N
Baking mat 30 x 40 cm, non-stick, de Buyer DB434401
Baking mat 40 x 30 cm, silicone, de Buyer
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Baking mat 40 x 30 cm, silicone, de Buyer DB493140
Baking mat 60 x 40 cm, non-stick, de Buyer DB434408N
Baking mat for macaroons 40 x 30 cm, de Buyer DB493540
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Baking sheet 30 x 20 cm, aluminium, de Buyer DB736830
Baking Tray 40 x 30 cm, perforated, de Buyer DB336740
Baking tray 40 x 30 cm, steel, de Buyer DB536340
Baking tray 60 x 40 cm, aluminium, de Buyer DB736260
Baking tray 60 x 40 cm, blue, steel, de Buyer DB536360
Baking Tray 60 x 40 cm, De Buyer
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Baking tray 60 x 40 cm, high rims, steel, de Buyer DB536260
Wire baking rack 53 x 32 cm, de Buyer
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Wire baking rack 60 x 40 cm, de Buyer
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Baking sheets and baking mats – a must-have in the kitchen of a cake lover

Baking sheet, called also bake trays, cookie sheets, sheet pans are flat, rectangular, metal trays used for baking food in an oven. Modern bake trays may be also made from silicone or fibre glass and may be also used for kneading the dough or making cookies of exactly the same size.

What can you use a baking sheet for?

Baking sheets are very useful tools if you are a cake lover or if you are a home-based pastry chef. Modern baking sheets offer you much more than traditional metal baking trays and you can use them to:

  • bake cakes and cookies of different sizes directly on the baking sheet (especially if you use baking frames)
  • knead the dough to keep your kitchen worktops clean
  • rolling dough (for cake, pizza, dumplings)
  • bake meringue tops in different sizes
  • baking Swiss roll cakes
  • roast vegetables
  • bake sweet or savoury rolls

What are the types of sheet pans?

Baking sheets available in Kulina offer you many practical features. You will find here:

  • classic aluminium trays,
  • non-stick baking mats in different sizes and shapes
  • cookie sheets without edges,
  • silicone baking sheets with measures on them for making perfect tier cakes or Pavlovas and
  • special silicone mats for baking macarons

You will find them all in Kulina and if you don't know which one to choose check our best-selling baking trays here and when you make up your mind, you should also check our rolling pins, baking accessories and aprons for a perfect cake baking experience.