Semi-automatic coffee machines

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Semi-automatic coffee machines – become a home barista

What is a semi-automatic coffee machine?

There are three different types of coffee makers: automatic, semi-automatic, and manual. A combination of automatic and manual processes is used in semi-automatic coffee machines that require the brewer to grind coffee beans and tamper the grounds manually before fitting the portafilter into the coffee machine. A semi-automatic allows you to customize your coffee and prepare it exactly the way you like it.

How does a semi-automatic coffee machine work?

With a semi-automatic coffee machine, you just grind and tamp the coffee beans, close the portafilter, and - depending on the model of our semi-automatic espresso machine - we then either select the setting we are interested in for the chosen beverage (number and size of shots) or manually adjust the brewing time by lowering the lever.

Why should I buy a semi-automatic coffee machine?

Semi-automatic coffee machines are quite demanding when it comes to their operation but give you a great amount of control over the brewing process so if you are a real coffee lover and if you have a taste for the nuances in your espresso this type of coffee maker is for sure worth investing in. There are several reasons for buying a lever coffee machine with the two most important being:

  • Coffee's quality

Semi-automatic coffee machines are possibly the best types of coffee makers for making flavorful cups of coffee. You are in total control of the flavour, pressure and intensity of your espresso here. You can become a home barista and serve barista-style coffee at home.

  • Brewing time

One advantage of having a semi-automatic coffee maker is that shots are not pre-programmed into the machine. This implies that a semi-automatic coffee maker will enable you to make your ideal shot each time and each time you can also make it differently.

To sum up, a semi-automatic coffee machine combines technology with expertise in making coffee giving you freedom of expression and the possibility to tailor each shot to your personal preferences.

In Kulina we offer a fantastic selection of premium home lever coffee machines from renowned manufacturers like La Pavoni, Smeg, and KitchenAid. You can also look through our selection of drip coffee makers if you and your family drink a lot of coffee in the morning.