Gifts for wine lovers


Gifts for wine lovers

Gifts for those who like to enjoy a glass of good wine.


Wine glasses will please every lover of good wine. It's the same for original corkscrews. Especially if they are beautiful items with a timeless design. For the joy of wine and life.


Chill the white one, aerate the red one

With a smart bottle cooler you won't need any ice. You simply place the chilled bottle in the container and the wine will stay beautifully chilled and fresh until the last drop.

Decanters are most suitable for rich red wines. They not only aerate the wine but turn the process of serving it into a ceremony. They decorate the table and allow you to enjoy wine with all your senses. They release the aroma, let you hear the sound of wine flowing through the curves of the carafe and see the decanter changing its looks thanks to the thin glass combined with the colour of wine and the light.

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Bottle cooler with a stand, Leopold Vienna LV223003
Carafe and wine decanter cleaner, Riedel RD001005
Corkscrew LUXURY, gift box, olive handle, Laguiole LAGSDV-300015
Corkscrew WINE, WMF
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Corkscrew WINE, WMF
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Countertop wine rack, black, Leopold Vienna LV211000
Champagne glass 200 ml Eva Solo
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Champagne sabre LUXURY 30 cm, olive handle, Laguiole LAGSDV-301333
Lever corkscrew LEVERMAN PRO, Blomus
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Lever corkscrew MINI OCTOPUS, Leopold Vienna LV01623
Red wine glass 400 ml, Eva Solo
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Red wine glass 500 ml, Eva Solo
30 €
Red wine glass CABERNET SAUVIGNON 1 l, Riedel RD12340
Red wine glass MAGNUM 600 ml, Eva Solo
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Red wine glass WINEWINGS SYRAH 865 ml, Riedel RD123441
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Best gifts for wine lovers

What will make a good present for a wine lover?

Choosing gifts for your wine-loving friends and family can be daunting simply because serious wine enthusiasts typically have strong ideas about the best bottles and are choosy. Therefore, if you're looking for a present for someone like this, think of anything wine-related.

You can lean towards practical items such as a set of elegant wine glasses or perhaps something exquisite, such as a wine decanter that looks like a work of art, or perhaps a surprise, like a wine rack for his or her favourite wine bottles.

There are many wonderful present suggestions for wine enthusiasts and the bestsellers include:

  • A corkscrew: Any wine enthusiast will undoubtedly appreciate the gift of a corkscrew since it is an essential and practical piece of equipment. They often come in gift sets with other useful wine tools.
  • Wine coolers: Wine bottles can be easily kept chilled for a long time thanks to a stylish wine cooler
  • Decanter: As mentioned above, a wine decanter is ideal for gifting to red wine enthusiasts as it is often used to aerate the wine and remove it from sediment.
  • A set of wine glasses: Shop for glasses that are crafted from high-quality materials and tailored to the person's preferred wine style from our collection of wine glasses.
  • wine stopper - wine stoppers or wine pourers make great practical small gifts for all wine lovers

What should I consider while buying a present for a wine enthusiast?

Wine enthusiasts are typically a group of people with an eye for exquisite things. As such, to get them a gift, you'd need to carefully select the ideal item for them. Some aspects to consider are:

  • Quality: You should ensure that you choose a quality product when shopping for wine and this is what you will get from Kulina. Our high-quality products are constructed of strong, long-lasting materials.
  • Brand: It's possible that the person already owns the wine glass or corkscrew you're attempting to give. You can only make a present that the recipient will appreciate by selecting from top brands, a brand that will wow them such as Eva Solo, Blomus, and WMF.

Make sure you also check our wide offer of other bar tools for more inspiration.