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Alarm clock TEMPUS 10 cm, grey, Philippi
39,90 €
Wall clock BIRDIE 19 cm, powder, Stelton
54,95 €
Wall clock CRONO ⌀ 30,5 cm, Blomus
111,18 €
Wall clock NIGHTWATCH, 31 cm, blackPhilippi PHP183022
Wall clock RIM 20 cm, brown, Blomus
74,99 €
Wall clock RIM L 40 cm, khaki, Blomus
127 €
Wall clock RIM S 20 cm, khaki, Blomus
74,99 €
Wall clock TEMPUS 25 cm, grey, Philippi PHP183019
Wall clock TEMPUS W4 15 cm, white, Philippi PHP183020
Wall clock TEMPUS W4 20 cm, white, Philippi PHP183023

Clocks – timeless pieces of decoration

Do you want to make your home look elegant and classy? Are you looking for a practical, classical or minimalistic piece of décor? Go for a nice clock and see how it can change the feel of your interior.

Obviously, clocks almost from the very beginning had been perceived not only as practical but also as very decorative pieces. When we look at historical buildings – or modern, designer clocks - we can see that all clock parts can be decorative – their dials, hands, cases, even minute lines. Therefore it’s great to use clocks in your interior, even though we mainly use our electronic devices to check the time.

Some ideas on decorating your home with a clock

  • choose a clock depending on the wall colour. For neutral, light tones choose a clock in a dark shade, for dark walls a lighter shade of wall clock will be appropriate,
  • hang your clock at eye-level or above,
  • kitchen and living room are probably the most convenient places to hang a clock (hang it above the table or above a couch or mantel). You can also hang a clock above or across the bed in your bedroom, next to a window, or in the corner of a room,
  • If you are looking for a decoration that will be a focal point in the interior go for an oversized clock and put it above the sofa or in the middle of the wall
  • the ideal zone or walls to place clocks are North, North East and East
  • decorate the wall around the clock with shelves, mirrors or photo frames

Contemporary clocks mix new technology with traditional forms and represent designs that find an interesting solution to a traditional, functional concept of a time teller. Choose from a wide range of different styles, colours and materials and use a clock to add dimension to your interior.