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Good design is everything. That's the vision of Eva Solo designers that offer you elegant, Scandinavian design and kitchen, home, garden, terrace and barbecue accessories. Meet your friends, drink your tea and fall in love with your interior.
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Fire pit FIRECUBE 45 cm, steel, Eva Solo
549,95 €
Ice bucket ICE BOX 16 cm, with ice tongs, Eva Solo ES567716
Outdoor heater HEATUP, wall-mounted, Eva Solo ES571139
Outdoor solar lantern SUNLIGHT BELL, Eva Solo ES571327
Outdoor solar pendant lamp SUNLIGHT, Eva Solo ES571322
Outdoor solar torch light SUNLIGHT, Eva Solo ES571338
Solar table lamp SUNLIGHT 14 cm, Eva Solo
95,90 €
Water glass, set of 4 pcs, 430 ml, Eva Solo ES567435
Baking spatula EVA TRIO, grey, Eva Solo
15,95 €
BBQ apron 98 cm, canvas and leather, Eva Solo ES571113
Beer glass 350 ml, Eva Solo
43 €
Beer glass 500 ml, Eva Solo
39,95 €
Bird feeder 14 cm, hanging, glass, Eva Solo ES571030
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Eva Solo – brand story, mission and design icons

Who was Eva? The history of the brand

Eva Solo is a Danish-owned family business established over 100 years ago by Kai Rohde Fog. The company was named after the daughter of managing director Eva, and is now owned by the representative of the fourth generation of the family - Jan Engelbrecht, the son of Eva. The first design classic by Eva was its bread and meat-slicing machine from 1952 but as the company’s designers followed the development of the modern home, they soon started to come up with kitchen tools that were not only designed to make life in the kitchen easier but that were stylish enough to be left out on display in open-plan kitchens that became popular in the 1970s.

In 1997 Eva launched a small range of kitchen utensils which became very popular. The range was named Eva Solo, because it consisted of ‘solo’ products. They proved such a big and enduring success that in 2010 the entire company was renamed Eva Solo. Today Eva Solo with its head office located just outside Copenhagen, Denmark, is known worldwide for the functional and high-quality design of its products.

Eva Solo mission and values

The company aims to supply emotional, high-quality and innovative products for the home – products that express their customers’ personalities, while at the same time being innovative in terms of their design, their functionality and the choice of materials. The brand’s four core values are: passion, integrity, innovation and business acumen and when it comes to its customers’ homes Eva Solo products are supposed to make their life easier and more stylish.

Eva Solo products – "Yes, but…"

In 1949, Eva launched a flour shaker with a lid that served also as a citrus squeezer. This dual functionality was a new-found idea and it was promoted by the phrase "Yes, but… ". Yes! – It’s a flour shaker… but it’s also a citrus squeezer! Today Eva Solo still designs to improve the modern home and make life easier by making the most of every single product, so that they are not only beautiful and durable but also functional.

The company’s catalogue includes products not only for the kitchen but also for the dining room, living room, bathroom and garden and consists of three brands: Eva Solo (everyday products for the home with product categories being: cooking, serving, living and outdoor), Eva Trio (cookware, kitchen utensils and porcelain reflecting professional quality for the home) and Eva (a series of products for baking and cooking in the oven: soft silicone moulds for bread and cakes, roasting pans and bread tins with a non-stick SLIP-LET® coating).

Eva Solo designers and design icons

Over years the company established close working relations with leading designers and craftsmen. One of the most prominent designers in the history of Eva Solo was the Tools designer duo run by Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk, who have designed every single product for 15 years.

In the late 1970s, the company cooperated with famous designer Ole Palsby who designed the ultimate series of pots and pans that now form Eva Trio brand. These products are known for their distinctive design, their ability to be mixed and matched, their professional quality, and the fact that the saucepans can be stacked.

Eva Solo has also worked with Thomas Pedersen and ARDE design studio - one of Scandinavia’s leading experts in furniture design.

Over the years, Eva Solo brand has been awarded more than 200 international design prizes, including iF Product Design Awards, Good Design Awards, Red Dot Design Awards and the Designpreis. The most popular products from the Eva Solo range are: