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Stylish helpers for your healthy cooking
Healthy cuisine simply and deliciously
Do you want to eat healthier? Simplify the preparation of vegetables and complex carbohydrates so that the preparation is easy and the food really tastes good. That is exactly why the designers of the Eva Solo brand designed the Green Tools collection. And they didn't only think about our health, but also about the health of our planet. This collection is not green by chance:

The simpler the preparation and the tastier the result, the more likely it is that healthy eating will become your lifestyle.
Environment friendly
50% of the plastic in the Green Tools series is replaced by wheat fibres - the products are thus natural, ecological and the material texture is pleasant to the touch.
Matte olive is trending - it matches wood, white and grey kitchen counters and is subtly elegant. The high-quality plastic is a smart choice for lovers of lightweight kitchen tools.

Eva Solo

2in1 Colander and salad spinner

How simple. You can use this pasta colander as a salad spinner, too. Just press the button in the middle and the colander spins. And what is salad spinner good for? It makes the difference between "enjoying" and just "eating healthy". Because a crunchy salad with dressing or vinaigrette is yummy, unlike a salad drowning in water...

Microwave steamer

Do you own a microwave? Make the most of it by preparing your veggies too. Why?
✔ ready in minutes
✔ retain vitamins, taste and crunchiness

Just put the vegetables in Green Tools steamer and add a few tablespoons of water. The handy handle does not conduct heat, so you don't even need any oven mitts.

Eva Solo

Mandolin - vegetable slicer

Quick and easy slicing into even slices
The three-compartment holder cuts vegetables to the end
Use the wheel to adjust the thickness of the slices
Reduce waste and can cut even garlic or onions into thin slices without grating a fingernail.
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