Pocket knives

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Pocket knife ALPHA OAK 7 cm, brown, Güde
Pocket knife EASY 11 cm, green, Dellinger
Pocket knife EASY 11 cm, yellow, Dellinger
Pocket knife PIVSON 7 cm, black, Dellinger
Pocket knife 11 cm, with fork and spoon, F.Dick FDCK8201111
Pocket Knife 37 g, carbon fibre blade, deejo DJ1CC001
Pocket knife 37 g, ultra-light, juniper wood, deejo DJ1CB002
Pocket knife 37 g, ultra-light, rosewood, deejo DJ1CB005
Pocket knife 9 cm, F.Dick
Pocket knife 9 cm, F.Dick
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Pocket knife BIKER 37 g, granadilla wood, deejo DJ1CB018
Pocket knife BIKER BLACK EAGLE 37 g, juniper, deejo DJ1GB108
Pocket knife CLASSIC INOX, red, Zwilling ZW42450003
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Pocket knives – men’s best friends

Pocket knives are men’s best friends and James Bond and MacGyver have proved it not once and not twice! They also make great gifts and most of all are very handy and practical so every woman and every man should have at least one pocket-size folding knife.

What can you use a pocket knife for?

Pocket knives can be used both at home and outside, in your kitchen and at your holidays, at the seaside and in the mountains. You can use a pocket-knife for:

  • opening envelopes and packages
  • opening bottles (instead of w corkscrew or bottle opener)
  • removing staples and sharpening pencils
  • cutting loose threads and untying knots
  • self-defense
  • peeling fruit or vegetables, opening cans, slicing bread and spreading butter when camping
  • when fishing it can be useful for cutting lines, removing hooks, cleaning fish and many other tasks
  • separating legos and much more

Pocket knife as a gift

Pocket knife is a great gift idea for him - your husband, boyfriend, father or brother. Many pocket knives available in Kulina come with wooden cases which makes them an elegant present for every occasion but if you are looking for a more personalized gift you should check the selection of folding pocket knives by deejo – a French brand specializing in ultra-lightweight knives with blades "tattooed" with laser engraving. Choose the engraving that would be most suitable for the person you want to give the pocket knife to and see how much he enjoys the design.