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Appetizer plate BLUE BLUR 19 cm, blue, ceramics, MIJ MIJC4083
Appetizer plate WABI SABI 19 cm, brown, ceramics, MIJ MIJC1014
Dinner plate BB BLACK 28 cm, black, ceramics, MIJ MIJC0653
Dinner plate BLUE BLUR 28,5 cm, blue, ceramics, MIJ MIJC4080
Dinner plate GREEN FADE 28 cm, green, ceramics, MIJ MIJC4000
Dinner plate WABI SABI 25 cm, brown, ceramics, MIJ MIJC1012
Dinner plate WABI SABI 28,5 cm, brown, ceramics, MIJ MIJC1011
Dinner plate WHITE FADE 28 cm, white, ceramics, MIJ MIJC0673
Tapas plate BLUE BLUR 17 cm, blue, ceramics, MIJ MIJC4084
Appetizer plate AKANE GREY 16 cm, MIJ
16,49 €
Appetizer plate AURORA 20 cm, MIJ
14,29 €
Appetizer plate BB BLACK 21 cm, MIJ
15,39 €
Appetizer plate BLACK PEARL 17 cm, MIJ
10,99 €
Appetizer plate BLACK PEARL, 20 cm, MIJ
14,29 €
Appetizer plate BLUE DAISY 23 cm, MIJ
21,99 €
Appetizer plate CARACTERE 15 cm, brown, REVOL RV652849
Appetizer plate CARACTERE 15 cm, khaki, REVOL RV652848
Appetizer plate CARACTERE 15 cm, mint, REVOL RV652846
Appetizer plate CARACTERE 15 cm, nutmeg, REVOL RV652844
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Dining plates – the most basic equipment for your table

Dining plates are the most important part of every table setting. They add character to your dining area, set a tone and are the best decoration for your tabletop. Therefore it's really important to choose your dining plates carefully. They will probably stay with you for years! Moreover, you should have at least two sets of dining plates - one for everyday use and one for special occasions.

Dining plates are:

  • dinner plates
  • lunch plates
  • cake/dessert plates
  • soup plates or dining bowls

What should you consider when buying dining plates?

When buying dining plates you should take into consideration

  • the number of plates you need for everyday use and for family dinners
  • the maintenance the plates require. Are they dishwasher and microwave safe?
  • what material are they made of? The most common materials used for dining plates are bone china, earthenware, porcelain and stoneware
  • the style of your interior and the character of the table setting you want to create

At Kulina we offer a wide selection of different types of dining plates, manufactured by renowned tableware producers like MIJ, Revol, Bitz, Eva Solo, and Blomus. Most of them are appropriate for both casual and formal settings and will satisfy your most specific requirements, including those for sizes, colours, materials etc.