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Scented candle VALOA AUTUMN L 9,5 cm, Blomus
Scented candle VALOA AUTUMN S 7,5 cm, Blomus
Scented candle VALOA SPRING L 9,5 cm, Blomus
Scented candle VALOA SPRING S 7,5 cm, Blomus
Scented candle VALOA SUMMER L 9,5 cm, Blomus
Scented candle VALOA SUMMER S 7,5 cm, Blomus
Scented candle VALOA WINTER L 9,5 cm, Blomus
Scented candle VALOA WINTER S 7,5 cm, Blomus
Aroma diffuser FIGUE 150 ml, Miller Harris MHRFIGD001
Aroma diffuser FRESH LINENS 177 ml, Clean CLN80068918000
Aroma diffuser MANDARIN 150 ml, Miller Harris MHRMAND001
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Candles and fragrances – for warmth, intimacy and good mood of your interior

Candles are a great way to change the atmosphere in the interior and to enhance its design. They introduce warmth, cosines and a sense of intimacy and the view of a candle flame together with a calming scent help to relax after a hard day’s work. Yes, candles and fragrances can be therapeutic but on the other hand, they can also be motivating. Choose a scented candle that is uplifting, that smells like summer  and it will give you a kick of energy every time you light it.

If you want your favourite scent to become your signature fragrance or to accompany you everywhere you go, you can use scented cards and put them  in your handbag or a backpack. You can also keep them in your wardrobe or your chest of drawers and enjoy the scent every time you open them up. What’s more, your favourite scent can travel with you in your car thanks to car fragrance diffusers. Scented candles, home fragrance diffusers or scented cards make also great gift ideas so if you are looking for a present for somebody who loves staying inside, a romantic soul or a book lover, buy an elegant candle and let them smell it!

Candle holders – great way to decorate your room

Different types of candles – taper candles, pillar candles and tea lights – require different type of candleholders, which are a decoration of the room themselves. Candlesticks – with or without candles can be easily matched to the style and décor of your room, as they are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and materials.

They can be arranged in bigger groups and in different places – as a centrepiece on the coffee table, mantel or the chest of drawers, by the window (on the floor or on the windowsill), or in the bathroom for a relaxing bath, turning your bathroom into luxurious SPA. Tea light holders are a perfect decoration of a festive table and lanterns will look great on the balcony, terrace stairs or on the porch.