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Universal knife 10 cm, black, Güde
24,80 €
Universal knife RAN PLUS 12 cm, black, Yaxell
Universal knife SUPER GOU 12 cm, red, Yaxell
Universal knife ZEN 12 cm, black, Yaxell
123,99 €
Breakfast knife EASY 10 cm, natural, Dellinger DNGRSXLWW205C49
Breakfast knife EASY 10 cm, red, Dellinger DNGRSXLWW205C28
Chef's knife GO FOR GOLD 21 cm, F.DICK FDCK814472180
Chef's knife INGENIO K1530214 16 cm, ceramic, Tefal TEFK1530214
Kitchen knife 16 cm, F.Dick
23 €
Kitchen knife 19 cm, black, Victorinox VN5200319
Kitchen knife 21 cm, black, Victorinox
32,49 €
Kitchen knife CLASSIC 12 cm, Wüsthof
82,99 €
Kitchen knife CLASSIC, 20 cm, Wüsthof WU458120
Kitchen knife FOUR STAR, Zwilling
61 €
Kitchen knife GOURMET 16 cm, Wüsthof
55,99 €
Kitchen knife PROFESSIONAL "S", Zwilling
80,99 €
Multipurpose knife Amici Wüsthof 14 cm WU1011301614
Sausage knife CLASSIC WHITE 14 cm, Wüsthof WU1040201614
Sausage knife GOURMET 14 cm, Wüsthof WU1035046314
Slicing knife GOURMET 26 cm, Wüsthof
82,99 €
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Universal knife – your multi-purpose knife

A universal knife is a sort of kitchen knife that can be used for different culinary tasks. It's not really a specific type of knife, like a chef's knife or Santoku knife, nor does it have any specific traits or serve any specific purpose. The length of it may vary and the most important thing is for it to be convenient for you.

How do I maintain and care for my universal knife?

  • First of all, remember to sharpen your knife regularly so get yourself a good knife sharpener.
  • The lifetime of your universal knife can be shortened by high temperatures, which can harm both the handle and the blade so avoid putting it in the dishwasher.
  • In addition, after washing your universal knife, make sure to quickly dry it with a soft towel. This will eliminate the chance of rusting or discolouration.
  • Additionally, you should invest in knife storage equipment for your universal knives. In-drawer storage, a knife block, a magnetic rack or a special case.
  • Last but not least: You'll need a proper cutting surface! A proper cutting board that doesn't dull the blades can be made of hardwood, bamboo or high-quality plastic. Avoid chopping boards made of stone or glass because they will quickly dull or destroy the blade of your universal knife.

What are the materials used in making a universal knife?

A universal knife blade can be constructed of several materials, including ceramic, high carbon steel, stainless steel, high carbon stainless steel, and titanium.

  • Stainless Steel

One of the advantages of stainless steel is that it won't rust, which is very useful for your universal knife as food and juices will inevitably get on it and increase the likelihood of stains. Blades made of stainless steel also require less maintenance.

  • Damascus Steel

The production of Damascus steel, which involves repeatedly folding high- and low-carbon steels together, was invented by Japanese sword manufacturers. As a result, the blades are flexible and sharp, which makes them ideal for universal knives.

Check our offer and get the best universal knives from recognized manufacturers like Forged, WMF, and Wusthof. You can also read our shopping guide for knives to learn more about which knife to buy for your kitchen.