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Hooks for towels Brabantia white 2 pcs
10,25 €
Ladder for towels FERA Blomus
144 €
Towel holder LOOP Hübsch 26 x 23 cm black
41 €
Towel holder LOOP Hübsch 26 x 23 cm purple
41 €
Towel holder MODO Blomus White
74,99 €
Towel hooks Brabantia grey 2 pcs
10,25 €
Towel hooks MINDSET Brabantia mineral grey 2 pcs
21,50 €
Towel hooks MINDSET Brabantia mineral white 2 pcs
21,50 €
Towel hooks RENEW Brabantia 2 pcs soft beige
10,85 €
Towel rack 75 cm polished stainless steel MENOTO Blomus BM68695
Towel rack MENOTO matt stainless steel 75 cm Blomus BM68694
Towel rail MINDSET Brabantia 56 cm mineral white
42,95 €
Wall towel hanger MODO black Blomus
95,99 €

Towel hangers and towel hooks

Towel hangers are extremely useful in every bathroom. In Kulina you will find different types of hangers – from single hooks in various shapes and designs to towel rails or rings and standalone towel racks that can hold multiple towels.

Where to install a towel bar or hook?

As a general rule, towel bars and other types of towel hangers should be conveniently located near the washbasin, shower cubicle or bath. You usually install towel hooks (which work both for towels and for bath robes) alone or in groups about 170-175 cm above the floor, minimum 15-25 cm apart.

Towel rails usually work best along longer walls and should be placed 105-120 cm above the floor. Hotel-style towel racks with a towel bar and a top shelf are usually installed at least 175 cm above the floor.

As for towel rings which work best for hand towels, they should be installed at least 120 cm above the floor, next to a washbasin.