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Hanging towel rack MODO, black, Blomus
61,15 €
Standing towel rack MENOTO, 50 cm, Blomus BM69150
Towel hook 5 cm, matt, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40205
Towel hook 5 cm, polished, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40071
Towel hook 5 cm, white, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40154
Towel hook 5,5 cm, matt, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40206
Towel hook CARVO 6 cm, matt, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40483
Towel hook EXIT 1,9 cm, white, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40830
Towel hook EXIT 4,1 cm, white, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40831
Towel hook LINEA 5 cm, black, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40580
Towel hook LINEA 5 cm, mat, stainless steel, Zack ZACK40390
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Towel hangers – a convenient and stylish way to keep your towels organised

What are towel hangers?

Towel organisation could be an exhausting task, especially in families with several family members. It might also be difficult to find a spot to hang your towel when showering or getting dressed in the morning. Towel hangers, fortunately, provide an easy and attractive solution to this problem.

A towel hanger is an item used to securely hang towels in the bathroom or any other area. They are available in a range of styles and materials, including stainless steel, plastic, iron, and even aluminium, and are classified into three categories: hooks, rails, and racks.

Towel hangers in Kulina are made by well-known manufacturers such as Blomus, Brabantia, and Hübsch and they can be hung on the wall, over a door, or even stand alone.

What are the types of towel hangers available on Kulina?

Free-standing towel hangers and towel racks: These hangers are self-contained and do not require any mounting or installation. They are usually designed to hold numerous towels at once. Towel hangers that stand alone are suitable for bathrooms with limited wall space or for those who prefer not to make holes in their walls.

Wall-mounted towel hangers: The most popular type of towel hanger is the wall-mounted towel hanger. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes and are intended to be hung on the wall with screws or adhesive tape. They are ideal for saving floor space and keeping towels close at hand.

Towel ladder: A towel ladder is a freestanding towel hanger that resembles a ladder. They are very stylish and available in a range of sizes and can hold many towels at once. Towel ladders are an elegant and practical addition to any bathroom and since they are often constructed of stainless steel or wood, perfectly match Scandinavian, rustic or industrial interiors.

Over-the-door towel hangers: These towel hangers are meant to be hung over the top of a door, so no drilling or installation is required. They're great for small bathrooms or those who don't want to drill holes in their walls. They are also portable, making them an excellent choice for folks who move or travel frequently. You can hang them over your shower door, bathroom door or wardrobe door.

Towel hangers keep your bathroom neater, smarter, and more attractive at all times. Check out our shower shelves and caddies, paper stands, soap dispensers, and other bathroom accessories to bring extra beauty to your bathroom area.