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Bathroom organiser BOTTICHELLI M 4,5 l, white, Koziol KOZ1446125
Bathroom organiser BOXXX L 15 l, nature grey, Koziol KOZ1403120
Bathroom organiser BOXXX L 15 l, white, Koziol KOZ1403125
Bathroom organiser BOXXX M 3,5 l, desert sand, Koziol KOZ1404121
Bathroom organiser BOXXX M 3,5 l, nature grey, Koziol KOZ1404120
Bathroom organiser BOXXX M 3,5 l, white, Koziol KOZ1404125
Bathroom organiser BOXXX S 1 l, desert sand, Koziol KOZ1405121
Bathroom organiser BOXXX S 1 l, white, Koziol KOZ1405125
Coat hanger KNOB, petrol, Hübsch
12 €
Coat hook JUSTO, matt stainless steel, Blomus BM63260
Coat hook KNOB, brass, Hübsch
12 €
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Home organization – the key to perfect interior

Perfect home organization is crucial for the comfort of its inhabitants and for the looks of its interior. If your home is well organized it looks spacious and clean,  you feel and rest much better and cleaning takes less time. You also save time because you don’t have to look for things as you know exactly where they are.

How to start organizing your home?

Start with decluttering your space. Go through each room in your home, each drawer and each shelf and reduce. Get rid of stored items you don't use and don’t need anymore. It will give you more space and will make the organization of your home easier.

Best home organization tricks:

  • buy containers for everything (plastic boxes with lids, small organizers, trays, baskets, bowls) and all kinds of special purpose containers (such as magazine racks, umbrella stands, jewellery boxes, shoe cabinets, etc.). Your shelves, drawers and all surfaces will look much better and the containers offered by modern brands look very stylish and are extremely practical,
  • label all containers in your wardrobe or cabinets so that you know where everything is at first glance
  • put a decorative bowl, an empty pocket tray or organizer in your entryway, so that you can put there all these small things that keep getting scattered around the house (car or door keys, coins, etc.)
  • use drawer organizers in your wardrobe or kitchen (say no to junk drawers)
  • think about every room and a piece of furniture and containers to organize within that room
  • use hooks to maximize wall space and over-the-door organizers
  • organize your hobbies (think about your collections and the best way to store them – if not exposed)

And last but not least – give yourself time, work room by room and never give up. A clean home is beautiful and a home you want to rest in.