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Coat hanger KNOB, petrol, Hübsch
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Coat hook JUSTO, matt stainless steel, Blomus BM63260
Coat hook KNOB, brass, Hübsch
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Coat hook PONTO, set of 4 pcs, grey, Blomus BM65800
Coat hook PONTO, set of 4 pcs, white, Blomus BM65798
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Purse hook JUMBO Alessi
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Towel hook MENOTO, matt stainless steel, Blomus BM68839
Towel hook PI:P, with the suction cup, white, Koziol KOZ1411125

Hooks - for good looks of your walls and efficient storage

Hooks are versatile and practical additions to any home, serving a multitude of purposes across various rooms. In the kitchen, they keep utensils and pots easily accessible, liberating valuable drawer and counter space. In bathrooms, hooks neatly hold towels, robes, and shower caddies, promoting organization and efficient use of space. Bedrooms benefit from hooks by offering a place to hang bags, accessories, and clothing, reducing clutter and preserving the tidiness of the room. Entryways and mudrooms utilize hooks to corral coats, hats, and keys, streamlining the transition in and out of the house. From hanging art and mirrors to creating storage solutions, hooks enhance the functionality and aesthetics of living spaces while promoting an orderly and inviting atmosphere throughout the home.

What material is best for making hooks?

Hooks are a type of storage item that can be used to hang items as well as to make some artwork. These hooks may be used in the room to hang clothes and other fabrics in addition to being often used in the kitchen to hang utensils and other items of clothing.

Among different hooks offered in Kulina you will find hooks made of:

  • Stainless steel is a robust, long-lasting substance that is corrosion-resistant. It is an excellent option for hooks that will be utilised in moist or damp places.
  • Plastic is a versatile, lightweight, and affordable material. It is an appropriate option for hooks that won't be placed in a busy place.
  • Iron is a reasonably priced, sturdy, and long-lasting material. It is an excellent option for hooks that will be placed in high-traffic areas.

What can I hang on wall hooks?

A broad variety of things, including jackets, hats, and scarves, can be hung on wall hooks because of their incredible versatility. Primary for the textiles. Additionally, you can set up a wall hook in the restroom where you can hang towels to keep them dry and orderly. Secondly, the wall hooks also provide an excellent spot to hang your keys, so they don't go misplaced. When selecting wall hooks, it's important to consider the weight of the goods you'll be hanging from them. You also need to choose the proper size and style for your décor.

How do I install a hook?

To simply install a wall hook, kick off by selecting a suitable location on the wall to hang the hook. Use a pencil or marker to indicate the locations where the screws or nails will go. Place the screws or nails in the designated locations after lining up the hook with them.

Do not overtighten; just tighten them securely. Giving the hook a light tug or hanging a light object will allow you to check its stability. The moment it seems safe, you are done!

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