Wall Lights

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LED wall decoration RAINBOW 51 cm, Seletti SLT13018
LED wall decoration SANTA-SATAN 52 cm, Seletti SLT13006
Wall lamp EDGE brass, Hübsch
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Wall lamp HALO 25 cm, amber, Hübsch
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Wall lamp HEART 32 cm, white, Seletti
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Wall lights – the most dramatic of all lamps

Wall lights are a very important part of home lighting design. They are the source of mood and accent lighting but can also serve as task lighting. They help you to illuminate the space well and if you need it they can even add a dramatic effect to the interior.

What are the most common types of wall lights?

Depending on the style of your interior and the role your wall lamps need to perform, you can choose among the following types of wall lights:

  • wall sconces with light spreading down or/and up (they look the best in modern, minimalistic interiors, great for creating decorative, dramatic effect)
  • candle sconces (with design imitating candles)
  • swing arm sconces (with adjustable arms so perfect as task lighting)
  • picture lights (perfect above paintings, posters and graphics)
  • lantern wall sconces (with design imitating street lanterns)

Where can I use wall lamps?

Wall lights are usually used in the hallway, entryway or bathroom but you can use them in many different places. In your bedroom instead of classic bedside lamps (use adjustable swing arm sconces if you like reading before sleep), in the kitchen over the kitchen top (this will look the best in Scandinavian or industrial interiors) and in the living room to add cosines to the interior or focus light on some decorations.

When choosing wall lamps for your interior, always remember to match their style with the style of your ceiling lamps and other home decorations. Always bear in mind the task your wall sconces need to fulfil and pick the right shape of the shade and light intensity.