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Vase ESMERALDA 20 cm, white, Philippi
37,50 €
Anti stress decor BALLANCE 15 cm, black, Philippi PHP193283
Bookend BUBBLES, Philippi
Bookend BUBBLES, Philippi
In stock (2 pcs)
59,90 €
Bookend ELEPHANT 20 cm, silver, Philippi PHP254002
Bookend SANTOS, set of 2 pcs, red, wood, Bloomingville BV82054319
Bookend STAIR CUBE, marble, Printworks PRPW00548
Decoration INDO 22 cm, white, cement, Bloomingville BV82047445
Decorative bowl COCOON 16 cm, silver, Philippi PHP108002
Decorative bowl COCOON 36 cm, silver, Philippi PHP108003
Decorative bowl MOON, ⌀ 50 cm, light grey, Blomus BM65446
Decorative bowl NEGRETTO 25 cm, black, Philippi PHP131002
Decorative bowl VALENCIA 17,5 cm, silver, Philippi PHP105026
Decorative bowl VALENCIA 25 cm, silver, Philippi PHP105027
Decorative bowl VOILA 37 cm, silver, Philippi PHP202007
Decorative dome FLORA, smoked, Hübsch
40,49 €
dverni zarazka dede 1 ALPS18B
dverni zarazka dede 2 ALPS18BM
Door stopper ENTRA, wall-mounted, 4 cm, Blomus BM65353
Door stopper HAMBURGER 12,5 cm, grey, Philippi PHP240011
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Home decorations – add character to your interior

Home decorations can serve many different purposes. They can make your home cosy, stylish or trendy and they add character to the interior. Home décor can also say o lot about you – your taste, passions and life, they make your house a home so make sure you choose every piece of decoration carefully.

What are the most popular small home decorations?

If you are looking for perfect small pieces of decoration to upbeat the style of your room, you can choose from:

  • decorative fruit bowls and baskets
  • photo frames (these look the best in modern classic interiors)
  • vases (contemporary, well-designed, high-quality vases look great both with and without flowers, also in bigger groups)
  • flower pots and flower stands
  • figurines and modern sculptures
  • bookends
  • candleholders and candles

How to choose home decorations to match the style of your home?

Home decorations need to be consistent with the style of your home. If your interior is minimalistic, go for one or two pieces of décor – a modern sculpture or a vase with a geometric shape. Go for black or white, steel or glass, clear lines and shiny surfaces. If your home is arranged in modern classic style you can choose many pieces of décor as this style loves photo frames, vases, candles, clocks and mirrors. If you love Scandinavian style choose wooden fruit bowls or sculptures and if you are a fan of industrial spaces, stick to wall decorations, clocks and stylish lamps.

Don’t overdo and remember that every single thing in your home – a bookend, a photo album, a home plant or a plate – is a decoration of your home so choose every single thing with due care. Kulina will be thrilled to help you with that!