Fruit bowls

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Decorative bowl COCOON 16 cm, silver, Philippi PHP108002
Decorative bowl COCOON 36 cm, silver, Philippi PHP108003
Decorative bowl MOON, ⌀ 50 cm, light grey, Blomus BM65446
PHP131002 PHP131002
Decorative bowl VALENCIA 17,5 cm, silver, Philippi PHP105026
Decorative bowl VALENCIA 25 cm, silver, Philippi PHP105027
PHP202007 1 PHP202007
Decorative dome FLORA, green, glass, Hübsch HU661511
PHP153012 1
41,50 €
PHP153014 1
69 €
Fruit basket CHAOS 30 cm, WMF
59,90 €
Fruit basket LIVING LOUNGE 24 cm, WMF
99,90 €
Fruit basket LIVING LOUNGE S 13 cm, WMF
59,90 €
PHP153006 1 PHP153006
Fruit basket WIRES ⌀ 25 cm, Blomus
32,59 €
Fruit Basket WIRES Ø 36 cm, Blomus
27,03 €
Fruit basket WIRES, ⌀ 30 cm, Blomus
25,45 €
Fruit bowl BOSSA NOVA 25 cm, glass, Nachtmann NM77672
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Fruit bowls – decorative bowls not only for your fruits

What are fruit bowls?

Fruit bowls are bowls used to keep and showcase various sorts of fruits but not only! You can use them simply for decoration or for storing small objects like wallets, keys or earphones. Fruit bowls can be used for storing fruit as a nutritious snack, or as a centrepiece for the table or kitchen counter.

They are usually made of stainless steel, glass, wood or metal, and come in many sizes, shapes, and styles.

Ultimately, fruit bowls are a great addition to your interior - kitchen, dining room or living room. In Kulina, you can find designer fruit bowls of exceptional aesthetic value from reputable producers like Alessi, Blomus, and Philippi.

Where can I put decorative fruit bowls?

Decorative fruit bowls can be positioned anywhere across the house, depending on the intended look and purpose. Here are a few ideas:

  • Dining room: A fruit bowl can be put on the dining table as a centrepiece, bringing a splash of colour and freshness to the area.
  • Living room: To add a pop of colour and some natural components to the living space, set a colourful fruit bowl on a coffee table or side table.
  • Entryway: A small fruit dish can be positioned on a console table in the entryway to offer a touch of colour and a pleasant mood.
  • Kitchen: The most traditional location for a fruit bowl is in the kitchen because here is where fruits are often kept. You can put a fruit bowl on the countertop, island, or table.
  • Office: To stay motivated and healthy during the day, you can also place a fruit bowl on your desk or a shelf in your home office.

In general, decorative fruit bowls can be positioned anywhere you wish to give a touch of colour and freshness. Make sure your fruit bowl matches the style of your interior and enjoy the look.

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