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Mini vase HAMMERSHOI, set of 3 pcs, white, Kähler KHL692397
Vase 12,5 cm, amber, stoneware, Bitz
21,90 €
Vase 16 cm, olive green, Lyngby
43,95 €
Vase 20 cm, amber, stoneware, Bitz
39,95 €
Vase 20 cm, blue, stoneware, Bitz
40,90 €
Vase 20 cm, burgundy, Lyngby
69,95 €
Vase 20 cm, clear glass, Lyngby
64,95 €
Vase 20 cm, green, Lyngby
Vase 20 cm, green, Lyngby
In stock (2 pcs)
69,95 €
Vase 20 cm, green, stoneware, Bitz
48 €
Vase 20 cm, light pink, stoneware, Bitz
40,90 €
Vase 20 cm, olive green, Lyngby
63,95 €
Vase 20 cm, white, porcelain, Lyngby
64,95 €
Vase 25 cm, amber, stoneware, Bitz
64,90 €
Vase 25 cm, blue, stoneware, Bitz
64,90 €
Vase 25 cm, burgundy, Lyngby
109,95 €
Vase 25 cm, clear glass, Lyngby
99,95 €
Vase 25 cm, green, Lyngby
Vase 25 cm, green, Lyngby
In stock (2 pcs)
109,95 €
Vase 25 cm, green, stoneware, Bitz
61,99 €
Vase 25 cm, olive green, Lyngby
106,95 €
Vase 25 cm, white, porcelain, Lyngby
99,95 €
Vase 31 cm, amber, Lyngby
Vase 31 cm, amber, Lyngby
In stock (2 pcs)
179,95 €
Vase 31 cm, burgundy, Lyngby
179,95 €
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Vases – a classy way to style your interior

A vase is a container used to store flowers, decorative branches or other ornamental items. It is often made of glass, porcelain, or stoneware but modern vases are often made of stainless steel or plastic. Vases are available in different sizes, shapes and colours, often decorated with different patterns or motifs.

Vases available in Kulina are made by traditional glassworks but also by modern manufacturers such as Holmegaard, Blomus, Philippi, and Kahler. Seletti brand offers vases that don't look like vases at all so you can also check them if you are brave enough. If you are looking for more home decorations, you can also look at other home decorations from our offer.

What are the different types of vases?

Vases can be categorised into groups based on their designs, compositions, and forms. The following are a few of the most popular types of vases:

  • Stoneware vases: Stoneware is a hard, durable ceramic that is fired at high temperatures. Vases made of stoneware often are heavy and match rustic, country and boho styles.
  • Ceramic Vases: Unlike stoneware, ceramic vases are burned at a lower temperature. They become more delicate and often more ornamental as a result.
  • Glass vases: Transparent glass vases or vases made of coloured glass are available in a wide range of options. Glass vases are very attractive, fit any interior style may be lightweight or heavy, and are always a great gift idea.
  • Porcelain Vases: Porcelain is a type of ceramic material that is fired at very high temperatures, which makes it non-porous and very durable. Vases made of porcelain are often adorned with elaborate patterns and come in different colours. They look perfect in traditional or eclectic interiors.
  • Stainless steel vases: they are very modern and are available in different shapes and sizes. They match modern and minimalistic interiors and make great presents for those who love simplicity.

These types of vases and several others available in Kulina stores are in a variety of forms such as cylindrical, spherical, bulbous, flared, straight, etc.

What are the different ways I can style my vase?

Whether you decide to display a vase with or without flowers, there are several ways to style it in your home. Here are some suggestions to get you going:

Employ a single vase: A simple vase, with or without flowers, can add elegance to any room. A single vase can also be used as a statement item whether placed on a console, coffee table, or chest of drawers.

Make a composition: To make a visually appealing composition, arrange multiple vases of various sizes, shapes or colours on a tabletop or shelf. For a layered and dynamic display, you can mix and match different materials such as glass, stoneware, porcelain, and ceramics.

Use vases as a centrepiece: For a dining table, coffee table, or another large surface, consider using a vase as the centrepiece. You can put flowers or other decorative items like fruit or twigs in the vase.

To display more flowers in your interior check our selection of flower pots and flower stands.