Victorinox is a brand that invented the famous Swiss knife and is now commited to Swiss precision and focuses on quality and innovation. That's why its steel knives are renowned all over the world and you can rely on them!
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Boning knife 15 cm, Victorinox
21,40 €
Bread knife 21 cm, Victorinox
35 €
Bread knife 21 cm, wood, Victorinox
77,90 €
Bread knife SWISS MODERN 22 cm, Victorinox VN6907022WG
Butcher's knife 18 cm, Victorinox
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Can opener, black, Victorinox
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Carving set SWISS MODERN, 2 pcs, Victorinox VN690912
Cheese knife 11 cm, red, Victorinox
8 €
Chef's knife 12 cm, wood, Victorinox VN5520012
Chef's knife 14 cm, Victorinox
51 €
Chef's knife 16 cm, Victorinox
49,49 €
Chef's knife 18 cm, Victorinox
53 €
Chef's knife 18 cm, wood, Victorinox VN5520018
Chef's knife 20 cm, wood, Victorinox VN5550020
Chef's knife 20 cm, wood, Victorinox
53,99 €
Chef's knife 23 cm, wood, Victorinox VN5520023
Chef's knife SWISS MODERN 15 cm, Victorinox VN6901015G
Chef's knife SWISS MODERN 20 cm, Victorinox VN6901020G
Chef's knife SWISS MODERN 22 cm, Victorinox VN6901022G
Japanese Santoku knife 17 cm, Victorinox
83,70 €
Kitchen knife 19 cm, black, Victorinox VN5200319
Kitchen knife 21 cm, black, Victorinox
32,49 €
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Victorinox: the iconic swiss army knife and more

Victorinox is a brand that is synonymous with quality, durability, and innovation. The brand is best known for its Swiss Army Knives - pocket knives that have been a trusted tool of adventurers around the world, but it also produces a range of other products such as kitchen knives, kitchen utensils, cutlery, watches, travel gear and fragrances.

History of Victorinox

The Victorinox brand dates back to 1884 when Karl Elsener, a Swiss cutler, opened a cutlery workshop in the town of Ibach-Schwyz. In 1891, he delivered his first order of knives to the Swiss Army, which was followed by a series of other orders. In 1897, Elsener introduced the now-famous "Officer's Knife" which had a blade, a can opener, a screwdriver, and a reamer. This knife became the standard issue for Swiss Army officers and was later renamed the Swiss Army Knife.

In 1909, Elsener registered the "Victoria" trademark for his knives in honour of his mother. In 1921, he merged his company with a competitor's and named the new company Victorinox, a combination of Victoria and inox (the French word for stainless steel).

Today, Victorinox is still owned and operated by the Elsener family and is headquartered in Switzerland. The brand has become a global icon, with its products being sold in over 120 countries.

Popular Victorinox Products

The Swiss Army Knife remains Victorinox's most popular product. The company offers a wide range of models, from the classic red-handled model with its iconic cross and shield emblem to more specialized knives designed for specific activities such as camping, fishing, or hunting.

Victorinox also produces a range of other products that are popular with consumers. These include kitchen knives, vegetable peelers, knife sharpeners, knife blocks - all available in Kulina

Design and Design Awards

Victorinox is known for its timeless design and attention to detail. Its products are sleek and functional, with clean lines and simple yet elegant features. The brand has won numerous design awards over the years, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and can be seen in many prestigious museums around the world - The Victorinox Officer’s Knife has been displayed in the permanent design collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York and in the Neue Sammlung Museum in Munich.

One of Victorinox's most iconic designs is the Swiss Army Knife. The knife's design has remained largely unchanged since its introduction in 1897, with only minor tweaks and updates to improve its functionality. The knife's classic red handle, stainless steel blades, and distinctive emblem have become instantly recognizable around the world. It has been called one of the "most significant global design icons" by Wallpaper, the British design magazine.

Why people like and appreciate Victorinox

There are several reasons why people are drawn to Victorinox's products. First and foremost is the brand's reputation for quality and durability. Victorinox's products are manufactured in Switzerland and are designed to last, with materials and construction that are built to withstand even the toughest conditions.

Another reason people like Victorinox is the brand's Swiss heritage. Switzerland is known for its precision, attention to detail, and quality craftsmanship, and Victorinox embodies these values in its products. Consumers trust the brand's Swiss-made products to deliver on their promises of quality and functionality.

Finally, people like Victorinox because its products are practical and versatile. Whether you need a knife for camping, a watch for diving, or a backpack for travelling, Victorinox has a product that will meet your needs. The brand's products are designed to be practical and functional, without sacrificing style or design.