Vegetable peelers

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Citrus peeler GOURMET 12 cm, WMF
7,90 €
Citrus zester PROFI PLUS, WMF
16,90 €
Fish peeler, stainless steel, F.Dick FDCK9107600
Ice scraper, foldable, Eva Solo
49,95 €
Ice scraper, wooden handle, Eva Solo
29,95 €
Tomato peeler GOURMET, WMF
10,90 €
Tomato peeler INGENIO K2074014, Tefal
10,49 €
Tomato peeler PEELER yellow, Victorinox VN760798
Tomato peeler, black, Victorinox
5,79 €
Tomato peeler, green, Victorinox
7 €
Tomato peeler, green, Victorinox
6 €
Tomato peeler, orange, Victorinox
7 €
Tomato peeler, orange, Victorinox
6 €
Tomato peeler, pink, Victorinox
5,79 €
Tomato peeler, pink, Victorinox
7 €
Tomato peeler, red, Victorinox
5,79 €
Tomato peeler, red, Victorinox
6 €
Tomato peeler, yellow, Victorinox
5,79 €
Vegetable peeler FUNCTIONAL FORM, Fiskars
10,49 €
Vegetable Peeler INGENIO, Tefal
10,49 €
Vegetable peeler PRO, Zwilling
20,49 €
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Vegetable peelers – a must-have in your kitchen

What is a vegetable peeler?

A vegetable peeler is a kitchen utensil used for skinning of fruit and vegetables. It features a razor-sharp blade that slides over the vegetable's surface, scraping away the skin sparingly while leaving behind the inside flesh.

In Kulina we provide you with vegetable peelers from renowned brands like Victorinox, WMF, and Joseph Joseph.

What is a vegetable peeler used for?

Vegetable peelers are used not only to remove the skin from vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, eggplant, mang or butternut squash.

They can be also used for shaving thin slices of chocolate or cheese and for slicing vegetables into ribbons that can be used as vegetable pasta or in salads.

Common veggies that are often peeled include potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, apples, and pears. Remember though that not all veggies require peeling, and some, like beets or sweet potatoes, may be even more nutritious when cooked and eaten with skin.

What are the differences between Y-Pe and side peeler?

A Y-peeler, gets its name from the way it is shaped; it looks like the letter Y. It features a long, straight handle with a blade that is angled slightly at the end of it. The blade, which is often made of stainless steel, has a straight, sharp edge that curls slightly toward the end. As the blade readily conforms to the shape of the product and the little bend at the end helps remove any blemishes or eyes, Y-peelers are excellent for peeling vegetables like potatoes and carrots.

The blade of a side peeler, on the other hand, is parallel to the handle and peels vegetables from the side. The blade is frequently serrated or toothed, making it perfect for peeling vegetables with tough skins like butternut squash or pumpkins. It takes a little bit more effort to operate than a Y-peeler since the blade is perpendicular to the handle, and it's harder to navigate around curves.

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