Cheese knives

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Hard cheese knife CLASSIC 14 cm, Wüsthof WU3103
Cheese knife 11 cm, red, Victorinox
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Cheese knife PREMIUM 10 cm, black, Laguiole LAGSDV-301029
Cheese knife PROFI PLUS 15 cm, WMF
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Cheese knife set PREMIUM, 3 pcs, black, Laguiole LAGSDV-300176
Cheese knife ZWILLING COLLECTION, Zwilling ZW39405010

Cheese knives - the ideal set for cheese lovers

What are cheese knives?

Cheese knives are special-purpose knives designed to cut different types of cheese - hence different shapes and blades of the knives. They are also designed for serving cheese on a cheese or tapas board during dinner or parties, so they very often come in shapes that make it easy to pick up a freshly cut piece of cheese.

Cheese knives that you will find in this category, are not designed to cut cheese slices from bigger blocks. If you are looking for this kind of tool, check out our cheese slicers (which are the perfect tool to cut fine slices of hard cheese), chef's knives or slicer knives.

Why are cheese knives of various shapes?

Cheese aficionados use different knives for different cheeses in the same way that cooks in the kitchen use different knives for cutting different fruits, vegetables, or meats. While hard cheeses like parmesan require a robust blade to chip away small bits, soft cheeses like mozzarella require perforated or thin blades to prevent the cheese from adhering.

Cheese knives set and cheese serving

French serve cheese after dinner as a form of dessert. Many people like to have a cheese board with their glass of red wine and a tapas board with olives, crackers and some cheese pieces is a perfect thing to be served during dinner with friends. A set of knives will be handy if you want to offer your guests some premium cheese pieces as a snack. Put cheese on the board, add some grapes, ham slices, vegetable pastes, bread or olives and... throw your cheese knives nonchalantly on the board.

A set of cheese knives makes also a great present for any occasion especially if the knives come with a nice wooden case.

You will find such sets in Kulina!

How do I care for my cheese Knives?

If you want your cheese knives to serve you for a long time make sure you follow some basic rules when handling them:

  • do not put your cheese knives in the dishwasher (especially if they have wooden handles)
  • wash your knives immediately after use (or after the party)
  • dry them right after you wash them
  • store them safely (preferably in the wooden case you buy them with) so that their blades don't get destroyed

Kulina provides a fantastic assortment of different cheese knives from top manufacturers including Laguiole, Nicolas Vahe, WMF or Victorinox. You will also find here some cheese graters that will be perfect for adding cheese to your pasta dishes!