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Hübsch brass table scraper
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Mirror flower NAIBYA Bloomingville natural
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Round mirror RIM grey Blomus
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Round RIM mirror khaki Blomus
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Round RIM mirror light brown Blomus
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Table mirror with base Pesa Blomus brown
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Wall mirror Rim Blomus small beige
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Wall mirror Rim Blomus small warm grey
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Mirrors – the reflection of your interior

Mirrors are timeless and never go out of fashion. They are not only practical but also extremely decorative pieces which can change the character of the room and make it more stylish and elegant in seconds. So, put a mirror on your wall and see what happens.

What are the most popular types of mirrors?

  • wall mirrors (you can hang them on the wall or just put it on the floor against a wall), they come in different sizes and shapes,
  • floor mirrors,
  • smaller standing mirrors and cosmetic mirrors (for vanity table, wardrobe or bathroom),
  • purely decorative wall mirrors of different sizes and shapes. These are the mirrors you can’t actually use to see yourself because of their different sizes and creative shapes (small circles, sun, triangles, etc.). They often come in groups, in different sizes or with different, creative frames

Why are mirrors important elements of the interior?

Obviously, mirrors are very practical but they play an extremely important role in home décor. They add elegance and character to the interior. They can also make it look bigger and brighter, and therefore are very important elements of the arrangement of apartments and small rooms. So if you would like your room to seem bigger and if you need more light in it, cover the whole wall or part of it with a mirror and you will be surprised how big the change is. For this reason, big mirrors are very often used in industrial and minimalistic interiors where space and light are one of the most important elements of design. Therefore don't hesitate as mirrors are always a good decision - choose the size, frame and style that suits you best and see how the look of your home changes.